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August 16th 2010

The above recipe for pastry, produces the perfect amount to make quiche.

My flan dish is about 24 cm in diameter and about 4 cm deep. A smaller one will suffice, but the depth is quite important. Shallow dishes are better for deserts than savoury tarts. If your dish is smaller than mine, you may need to adjust the quantities accordingly.

Quiche recipe:

3 whole eggs and 4 egg yolks
100g mature cheddar (grated)
150 ml créme fraiche
6 pieces of garlic
2 small to medium onions
1/2 lb small santa tomatoes
6 slices of smoked, streaky bacon
plain flour for dusting
salt and pepper
olive oil
a very small portion of butter to grease the dish

raw pastry pushed into the dish

Rub your flan dish with butter and then lightly dust it with flour to stop any sticking.
Remove the pastry from the fridge, flour your board (a clean table top or work surface will do) and rolling pin then roll out your pastry until it is about 3 or 4 mm thick. Sprinkle on more flour if the pastry starts to stick. Fold and roll the pastry up over the rolling pin, put your dish underneath and gently unroll the pastry back over it. Try not to stretch the pastry, but gently ease it into the curves of your dish. Prick the base all over with a fork – this stops the pastry bubbling during cooking.

baking beans

It’s a good idea to bake the pastry blind, before adding the filling – this ensures that the base is crispy and not soggy. You heat your oven to 200º C, place a circle of baking paper on top of the pastry in your dish and cover with baking beans.
Bake your pastry for about 15 minutes or less – check it regularly, it should go a light biscuit colour and not go brown.

In the mean time, chop and fry the onions in olive oil, as they become translucent add the chopped bacon and garlic. You just want it all to soften, be careful not to brown the ingredients.

Grate your cheese and set aside, then beat you eggs with the créme fraiche and add salt and cracked black pepper to taste. Do not add too much salt, since the cheese and bacon are already salty.

Slice your tomatoes in half.

press the tomato halves gently into the egg mixture

Remove the baking beans and baking paper, when your pastry base has cooled a little. Trim off any excess pastry sticking up above the rim with a sharp knife. Add the cooked onion and bacon mixture and sprinkle on the grated cheese. Pour the egg and créme fraiche mixture evenly over the top. Gently push the tomato halves into the top of the quiche, in a pattern – see my picture.

Bake the quiche at 180º C for about 20 – 30 minutes – the eggs should bubble and rise a little and should go the same colour as an omelette. It’s definitely cooked if you gently press the top of the quiche and it feels firm. Allow to cool for 10 minutes or so, before lifting out the base and sliding onto a plate.

Serve hot or cold, but quiche is always best the day it’s made.

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