I know a plaice

August 17th, 2010

Plaice have a dark green/brown coloured upper skin, with little orange spots and a white underside. Both eyes are on the darker side, but the fish does appear as if one eye should be on either side.

My friend Audrey came to dinner – she promised to bring fish, but I had no idea what kind and wasn’t prepared for anything specific. Since plaice are quite large, it would be difficult to fry both and cook some vegetables, so I decided to cook them in the oven in a large dish at 200º C for 15 – 20 minutes.

Any good fresh fish can be cooked quite simply in some olive oil or butter with some chopped garlic and black pepper. Put the oil and garlic in the dish first, to prevent sticking and drizzle a little oil over the top to prevent the fish from drying out.

The fish can be served with a wedge of lemon and chopped parsley – salt can be added to taste. I have found, in the past, that cooking with lemon can make things a little bitter, so I tend to add it at the end.

When choosing fresh fish, look for bright eyes which are clear, bright red gills, moist, natural looking skin and firm flesh – fish should smell of the sea. Audrey mentioned that the orange dots on plaice start to fade once the fish has been caught, so a fresh one should have bright orange dots.

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1 Response to Plaice

  1. Audrey says:

    yes, pigments are the most unstable of creatures and are the first chemicals to decompose after death…. which makes me wonder if the scallops were still alive when we ate them .

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