The British Cheese Awards

shropshire blue

I’ve just come back from photographing The British Cheese Awards, with my friend Fiona, chez Alex James.

We were asked to photograph 950 plus cheeses in 2 days – Fiona worked out that two of us, taking a picture every 3 minutes, was the required minimum to hit 450 plus each, within the two day period. We wouldn’t have achieved that without the outstanding help of our assistants (from the farm and awards), Rory and Max.

The best part of the whole two days, was that fact that we got to look at, smell and taste, the best cheeses in Britain. Not only that, we got to meet cheese guru Juliet Harbutt and the makers of Montgomery Cheddar and Cornish Yarg, two of my all time favourite cheeses.


The top picture is of Shropshire Blue, a cheese I really love. Directly above is Blue Monday, a cheese created by Alex James and Juliet Harbutt. Blue Monday really impressed me, it’s very creamy, with large bubbles of blue, which give you intensely strong, almost overpowering sharp, mouldy blueness, immediately followed by a lovely creamy sensation – really unusual and delicious.

The awards weren’t announced until Friday September 24th, 2010. Blue Monday was a prize winner. Here’s the winners list


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