Cod Roe

smoked cod roe

September 22nd, 2010

I walked past Angel Fisheries in Chapel Market today and the Fish Man had some smoked cod roe (you don’t see them very often). These are the whole ovaries of a cod (full of eggs), salted and then smoked.

Eating fish eggs, is common in many cultures, from Russian caviar (sturgeon roe) to Japanese salmon eggs. The cod itself releases between 4 to 6 million eggs at a time, but the ones we eat are from the unfertilised egg sacs (removed when the fish is filleted), since they are only fertilised in the presence of a male cod when the female releases them into the sea.

egg on toast

You might be more familiar with cod roe in batter from the chip shop or taramosalata, the popular Greek dip. This particular type (pictured) is best cut open and spread on warm toast with a little squeeze of lemon.

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