Roast Pheasant at Amaia’s

blood on my hands

October 23rd, 2010

I went to a fantastic dinner party for 10 people on Saturday night, chez my friend Amaia. She really went to great lengths to provide us with a feast.


The first course was a beautiful, hot and spicy borscht, the colour of Lady Macbeth’s hands. This was followed by a main course of pheasant, which came into season at the beginning of this month. Pheasants were probably introduced to Britain and most of Europe, by the Romans, because aside from being delicious, they are quite easy to hunt. They don’t move very fast and when they take flight they announce the fact loudly, making them easy to spot. Amaia cooked the pheasant much as I would, in the oven for an hour or so, wrapped in bacon – they are quite lean, so the bacon lubricates the meat and adds flavour.

As if pheasant wasn’t enough for a main course, we also had roast potatoes, beef stew with chilli, vegetable curry, mushrooms (as one would get as a tapa in Spain (they must have contained lots of garlic, since they were delicious and I love garlic) and a pumpkin relish.

apples and almonds

Desert was an apple and almond pie/cake, straight from the oven – it was soft like a cake, contained no pastry, but was very much tart or pie shaped.

The time went past very quickly – I left at about 3am, thinking it was about 1.30. The food was beautifully cooked – I couldn’t have done it better.

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9 Responses to Roast Pheasant at Amaia’s

  1. Audrey says:

    Ah ! Beautiful Photo … mmmm!

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