Angel Fisheries

angel fisheries

3rd November, 2010

When I want to buy fish, my first port of call is Angel Fisheries in Chapel Market. The fishmonger gets all his fish from Billingsgate, at the crack of dawn and passes on the savings to his customers. The fish are a fraction of the price you’d get in the supermarket. Fish such as salmon, sea bass, sea bream, hake, mackerel and crabs are regularly available at more than affordable prices. On top of this, the fishmonger is a very amicable man who’s happy to pass on his wife’s recipes.
The prices can be so good, here, that it pays to decide what to have for dinner, when you’ve seen the fish.

Chapel Market runs between Liverpool Road and Penton Street, in Islington. It’s closed on Mondays.

I know you've got sole

Today I bought Lemon Sole. I oven cooked the fish very simply, in a ceramic dish, with some olive oil and chopped garlic for about 16 minutes at 200º C. You might want to add a squeeze of lemon when serving. It’s worth noting that there’s meat on both sides of the fish and it doesn’t taste of, nor look like lemons.


Here are a couple of other suggestions, lemon sole with tomatoes, olives and spring onions and lemon sole with mushroom risotto.

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18 Responses to Angel Fisheries

  1. Audrey says:

    I am changing my name to Angel Fisheries. Did this fishery used to be on Essex Road, or is that a different kettle ?

  2. Mad Dog says:

    You might be thinking of Steve Hatt, the fishmonger on Essex Road.

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  9. spinypineapple says:

    His store was an amazing find for me, since fish is usually so expensive (and not very fresh) in other stores like Waitrose and Sainsbury. Have you been to the Essex Road one? I read that it’s fairly expensive but very fresh..

  10. Mad Dog says:

    Yes, Steve Hatt is the one on Essex Road – he’s probably the best fishmonger in London. I’d say that the prices are somewhere in between Waitrose and Angel Fisheries and the fish is fantastically fresh too!
    The Independent article

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