City Café

roast pheasant

November 5th, 2010

I had some friends staying at the City Inn (just behind Tate Britain), so last night we tried out the City Café.

haddock and parmesan tart

As a starter, I had Pale Smoked Finnian Haddock and Parmesan Tart. The poached duck egg, on top, was hard and rubbery, but the tart itself was good and the flavour of haddock and egg reminded me of kedgeree.

Two of us ordered the Dish of the Day – Rack of Lamb. We were quite surprised to discover it had morphed into Roast Pheasant! Apparently they’d run out of lamb and no one had seen fit to inform the waitress of the change. After a little confusion, the pheasant looked good, so we decided to accept it. It proved to be delicious, so we’d found treasure in an unexpected place. I also enjoyed the little, cubed, fried potatoes.

lemon meringue pie

For pudding I had Lemon Meringue Pie, with yogurt ice-cream. I don’t have a very sweet tooth, so the tang of citrus with the yoghurt was perfect for me.

The City Inn is at 30 John Islip Street, SW1P 4DD. The kitsch, 70’s looking cocktail bar, upstairs, with red under lighting, is definitely worth a look. All the hotel rooms contain an iMac, conveniently connected to the web!

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