November 20th, 2010

My friend Katie took me to Broadway Market today, over in Hackney. It’s a bit old school with some Borough Market thrown in. It seems to have a good mix of bric a brac and very nice food. Even the shops in the street sold excellent fish, meat, wines, etc. It was a cold, grey day, 5 weeks before Christmas and it seemed to have a lovely winter buzz.


We looked at cheese, chocolate and olives before Katie insisted that we get some wild and exotic mushroom risotto from Sporeboys. Sporeboys sell wild mushrooms, risotto and sandwiches on market stalls in the East End of London and are expanding into other areas. Their risotto was deliciously creamy, with a sprinkle of parmesan and rocket. It was almost perfect, but for some reason I fancied some walnuts in it – in a market full of food, perhaps I should have bought some!

Not content with risotto, we decided to walk over to A Little of What You Fancy, to see some friends…

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