bread, olives and garlic

December 10th, 2010

I went to Blacks yesterday for lunch with Rick, Su and Oli. I was expecting the food to be good, but yesterday they excelled themselves. I’ve very little recollection of what we drank, we started with a good Côtes du Rhône and drank them dry, so had to move on to something else!

As a pre starter we ordered some bread and olives. The excellent sour dough bread is baked in the pizza ovens of Franco Manca – this gives it a wonderful, crunchy, nutty crust. Mild, pickled garlic accompanies the olives.

spicy fish soup

I had a delicious spicy fish soup as my starter – it was thick with tiny pieces of fish and had a fierce chilli kick which warmed away the cold. Floating on top were croutons and rouille, a spicy garlic and chilli sauce, traditionally from Provence. It was so good I could have eaten it twice! Bouillabaisse with rouille and croutons recipe.

venison wellington

I saw another diner eating the red deer Venison Wellington and it looked so good I couldn’t resist. It was a very generous and tender piece of venison, wrapped in puff pastry and baked in the oven. The dish was served on a wooden board, with red cabbage, butternut squash purée, spinach and savoury gravy.

colston basset

In spite of the huge feast, I had to eat the Colston Basset cheese with pears and oat cakes to finish myself off. Colston Basset is a smooth, rich and creamy Stilton, which you can buy from Neal’s Yard Dairy, in Covent Garden or Borough.

Blacks is at 67 Dean Street, W1D 4QH, but you’ll have to be a member or go with a member to eat there. I may have to go back and eat this again before they change the menu!

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4 Responses to Blacks

  1. rick sareen says:

    Oh. My original post didn’t make it with the spelling mistake in it. WordPress is very clever.
    On Saturday the Food Programme was all about venison and the different types – roe, fallow, red, sika, wild – the the cuts and effect of age, etc.

    Then on Sunday we went to the Sir Charles Napier and Groucho had roe deer. It looked very rare on the plate but was almost well done in the mouth. Very nice as is the SCN. Highly recommended if you are in that part of the world.

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