Parliament Hill Café

parliament hill café

December 15th, 2010

The café on Parliament Hill looks a bit like a 1960’s concrete bunker (Kiki suggested it looks like part of a ferry). I never visited, thinking the look dictated British Rail style food – weak tea and white bread sandwiches. Perhaps this was true once, but looks can be very deceptive.


Niko and Kiki took me to the Parliament Hill Café for lunch and I was very pleasantly surprised. The café is owned by the D’Auria Brothers and specialises in pasta dishes, there’s a menu for spaghetti and a menu for normal café food.

seafood linguine

I ordered a delicious seafood linguine and discovered an abundance of baby octopus, clams, muscles, prawns and squid in a tomato and parsley sauce. How completely unexpected!

rigatoni, speck & spring onion

The Parliament Hill Café can be found at the bottom of Parliament Hill, next to the bandstand and lido, Hampstead Heath, NW5 1QR (the Gospel Oak entrance). Most pasta dishes cost about £6 and the café opens until 9pm in the summer.
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1 Response to Parliament Hill Café

  1. Audrey says:

    I must have walked passed this hundreds of times…. next time I shall go in.!

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