Lunch with Katie

lentil soup

January 28th, 2011

I visited my friend Katie today, at her gallery, The Outside World. I went to help with content management on her new website and in return was blessed with a delicious lunch.

halloumi salad

Lunch consisted of a fabulous, hot and spicy, vegetable and lentil soup – it was freezing outside today, so it was very welcome after a bike ride to the East End. Followed by, a halloumi salad containing tigerella tomatoes, rocket, red peppers, halloumi and parmesan. I just looked up halloumi – I’d always thought it was typically Greek, but now have discovered it’s from Cyprus, not the mainland and dates back to Medieval Byzantine times.

For all of you who thought I needed to eat half a cow, 3 times a day, here you go – no meat or fish and the food was fantastic!

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