The Icecreamists

the icecreamists

February 25th 2011

I noticed an odd story on the BBC website this morning – “Baby Gaga” ice cream, made with breast milk! Since I was going in the direction of Covent Garden, I thought I’d go take a look.

nice creams

I found the Icecreamists, ice cream boutique without any problem. It’s a chic establishment with a girl in semi-military uniform to greet you. The ice cream is sold like it’s a drug or sexual service, in a martini glass. I happened to notice that their “Sex Pistol” ice cream contains Viagra and Absinth – very rock n’ roll! Sadly though, they were out of “Baby Gaga”. Perhaps I got lucky – at £14 a scoop, it must be sprinkled with gold dust.

sold out!

I know some people object to things like this, but surely we were made to drink breast milk and not cow milk. I don’t see any harm as long as no one gets hurt and it tastes good! I’ll have to go back another day…

The Icecreamists are at 15 Maiden Lane, Covent Garden, WC2E 7NG.

Google Map

I noticed today, March 1st, that Westminster Council have seized the “Baby Gaga” ice cream, in order to test it to see if it’s fit for human consumption. That does strike me as ironic and what good publicity for the Icecreamists!

… and even more publicity for the Icecreamists (March 5th) – Lady Gaga is supposedly threatening to sue them over the name “Baby Gaga” – Funny, I’ve always been under the impression that goo goo ga ga was baby talk, predating the birth of Lady Gaga.

Sadly, the Icecreamists’ shop is closed now, but they have published a well regarded book.

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