March 6th, 2011

I’ve just had a fantastic lunch at a small Korean restaurant in Finsbury Park. I came across Dotori while searching for a lunchtime restaurant in that area, a couple of weeks ago – it really lives up to the Time Out review that I found.

Dotori is, I believe, a Korean restaurant (since the decor contains writing in Korean and not Japanese), which specialises in Korean and Japanese food. Because of that it seemed best to try the Korean food on the first visit. Having ordered, all the Japanese food that came out of the kitchen looked stunning – in particular the large Bento boxes of sushi.


We ordered the set Korean menu for two – some people in the reviews had commented that it was good and the price was quite reasonable.


The first dish was a five piece starter of bean sprouts, noodle, pickled courgettes, seaweed and spinach. This was all good but the spicy pickled courgette stood out from the rest.


The Pajeon (seafood pancake with spring onions) reminded me of a light omelette, in texture, even though it is more like a batter. I could pick out prawns in particular for flavour , plus a general type of white fish. It was light and excellent.


Kkangpunggi, or deep fried chicken pieces in a piquant sauce, were crunchy and sticky – the sauce was a slightly sweet, hot chilli. This was closely followed by Bulgoggi, beef barbecue, with a soy bean sauce and lettuce. The beef was tender, without any fat, gristle or chewy pieces, so it was good quality, tasting distinctly of peanuts or satay.

ice cream

We finished the meal off with a green tea ice cream and a vanilla ice cream with red bean sauce. All the food was fabulous, as was the look of everything that came out of the kitchen. The restaurant was full so I would advise booking. I can’t wait to go back and try other dishes.

Dotori is at 3 Stroud Green Road, N4 2DQ. Tel: 020 7263 3562

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Square Meal

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  1. rubyslippers says:

    WOW. That looks great. Initially read it as DOCTOR (without the C). Certainly makes you look twice. I’ve been to the Korean by Holborn tube in basement which is great if a bit pricy

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