An Evening with Marek the Butcher

marek the butcher

March 10th, 2011

On Thursday I went to a masterclass in butchery by Marek Mydlo (one of the butchers from Theobalds), held at Kennards in Lamb’s Conduit Street. Marek is a highly skilled butcher with 18 years of experience. The classes are done on an ad hoc basis.

butcher’s knots

Marek started by teaching his students how to sharpen knives, with hands on practice. Next came knot tying – apparently the perfect item to practice this on is an empty wine bottle – Floyd would love that!


When the students had mastered knots and knives, Marek moved on to an expert boning demonstration on the hind quarters of a lamb. Each respective cut of lamb was removed and where appropriate, the joints were rolled, stuffed and tied. The end results were two baking trays full of expertly prepared meat, ready for the oven – which is exactly where they went while Marek moved on to the next lesson.

slicing off the fat

Students were shown how to bone a loin of pork and tie it up in order to roast it. When the demonstration was over students performed the same procedure themselves and with a little help, each ended up with a perfect looking joint of pork.

rolling and stuffing

The evening came to a conclusion with the roasted joints of lamb being carved for tasting and a glass of red wine. I was taking pictures as opposed to joining in, but I found the whole two and a half hours to be great fun.

the finalé

Kennards Good Foods was at 57 Lamb’s Conduit Street, WC1X 3NB, but sadly it ceased trading in 2012.

Marek is currently looking for a new venue to host his masterclass.


Theobalds is at 21 Theobald’s Road, WC1X 8SL
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