The Norfolk Arms (revisited)


May 25th, 2011

While out and contemplating supper last week, we sat outside the Norfolk Arms and had a few tapas. It was very tempting to stick to tapas, but the fish and chip shop opposite (North Sea Fish) had a queue – a sign that it’s very good and there aren’t many good fish and chip shops around these days.

marinated pulpo with caperberries

The fried paprika pork belly (rojones) was very good, the caperberries were intense, salty too in a pleasant way and the marinated octopus was divine – extremely tender.

Then Hilary phoned and asked us to go to the French House in Soho…

One day I’ll get to eat a full meal here!

The Norfolk Arms is at 28 Leigh Street, WC1H 9EP Google Map

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