Mesdames Green & Graham

smoked trout

June 1st, 2011

Last night I agreed to take photographs at a fundraising, for The Bookmongers, at Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery.  The Bookmongers are taking part in the Mongol Rally and driving through 14 countries to Mongolia to raise money for charity. It seemed to me that the fundraiser was a great success.

crostini, rare beef, pesto, rocket & parmesan

Throughout the festivities, I couldn’t help being blown away by the amazing looking and tasting canapés, provided by Mesdames Green & Graham.

mini pizzetas

Every little detail was perfect, right down to the trays and the beautiful flower decorations.

ham and cheese

My favourites were the smoked trout (in the top picture),

wild mushroom risotto

the wild mushroom risotto balls with truffle crème fraiche dip,

o’hagans sausages with mustard

O’Hagans cocktail sausages with a mustard dip,

asparagus wrapped in ham

asparagus wrapped in prosciutto ham and

waldorf salad

Waldorf salad wrapped in little gem leaves.

The last time I had canapés this good was at a function in the American Embassy (Paris) in 1995!

N.B. Asparagus is in season now and is at its best when very fresh – buy it locally from a farm shop or farmers market for the best flavour (it’s much better than the stuff from supermarkets).

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  1. Audrey says:

    Nice celebrity shots there Mad Dog !!!

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