Fitzrovia Private Dining Club

the post office tower

June 1st 2011

Catie and I left the Bookmongers fundraiser (see the post below) and walked through Fitzrovia, under the shadow of the Post Office Tower. We passed a few Italian restaurants, as, like Soho, it’s an area of London, colonised by Italians  during the early part of the twentieth century. Having decided that she wanted to live in Fizrovia, Catie spotted a little Italian restaurant and suggested we stop for a glass of wine before going home.

fitzrovia ristorante italiano

The Fitzrovia Ristorante Italiano turned out to be a dinner club (the Fitzrovia Private Dining Club) – they were very friendly and for a fiver let us join. A glass of wine turned into a bottle and the atmosphere was good so we ordered a pizza with a side salad.


The Napoletana Pizza had a good thin, crispy base with the usual tomato, mozzarella, oregano  and anchovies, plus capers, which are not traditionally included with this pizza. They also provide some nice hot olive oil with chillies to drizzle on top. It was very good, though I noticed someone tucking into a calzone, which looked amazing, so I know what I’m having next time I go there!

The Fitzrovia Private Dining Club is at: 29 Tottenham Street, W1T 4RP.

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