Onion Platzel

onion platzel

June 16th, 2011

I was way out east today (well as far as Brick Lane) and feeling hungry at lunchtime, thought of Beigel Bake once again. Since Lee reccomended the onion platzel, the last time I posted about Beigel Bake, I felt bound to try one…

I ordered an onion platzel with smoked salmon and cream cheese – as usual they were very generous with the cheese and fish. The platzel itself was very good, though to be honest I’d prefer an onion bagel. No disrespect to Beigel Bake though, they are very hard to beat on taste, quantity (of filling), quality and price.

salt beef bagel

The salt beef bagel is also unbeatable, especially with mustard and a salt beef sandwich contains so much beef it’s hard to finish, though maybe not for me!

Beigel Bake is at 159 Brick Lane, E1 6SB Google Map

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2 Responses to Onion Platzel

  1. Lee says:

    You’re right. They should do Onion Beigel’s at Beigel Bake.. Don’t think they do though. I must admit personally I find their beigel’s a little too doughy… But that’s me! Hope you are well…

  2. Mad Dog says:

    They should! Onion bagels are fantastic. Carmelli’s in Golders Green do an amazing onion bagel 😉

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