Broad Beans and Chorizo

bacon, chorizo, garlic, broad beans and asparagus

July 20th, 2011

Here’s a Spanish style dish that started out as broad beans and chorizo – while I was thinking about cooking it, I was inspired to add some extra ingredients which resulted in a better dish and more flavour.

broad beans

Broad Beans and Chorizo, with Asparagus, Bacon and Garlic – recipe (serves one person):

6 or 7 broad beans (podded)
4 pieces of garlic (finely chopped)
6 asparagus stems
3 slices of streaky bacon (chopped)
half a hot chorizo ring (skinned and chopped)
extra virgin olive oil
salt and pepper (to taste)

broad beans podded

Remove the beans from their pods and tie the asparagus in a bunch.


I’ve tried cooking the vegetables while the other ingredients are frying and I’ve tried cooking the beans and asparagus beforehand – either seems to be fine. The beans need to be simmered for 2 or 3 minutes, until tender. The asparagus needs to be dropped into boiling water and simmered for 3 to 4 minutes, again until tender. Once cooked the woody end of the asparagus should be discarded and each stem should be chopped into about 3 pieces. Don’t leave either standing in hot water or they will go soggy. Adding a little sea salt to the water of both will enhance the flavour.

chopped chorizo

Chop all the other ingredients and start by frying the bacon in hot olive oil.

chopped bacon

I used some chilli infused olive oil to add to the heat of the chorizo, but that’s optional. Add the chorizo next, followed by the garlic a couple of minutes later.

bacon, chorizo and garlic

The reason I do that is: the bacon is cured but needs cooking; the chorizo is cooked but improves with a little browning, plus it adds flavour and colour to the oil;  the garlic, chopped up finely, will burn if cooked for too long.

bacon, chorizo, garlic and broad beans

Stir in the beans and finally the asparagus (see top photo) – they just need to be warmed and coated in the oil. Sprinkle on a touch of sea salt and cracked black pepper to taste – you don’t need much.

potatoes and allioli

Serve with hot or cold new potatoes and freshly made allioli (recipe here). The sharpness of raw garlic and lemon in the allioli goes really well with the heat of the chorizo. If you have any leftover oil in the frying pan, it will taste fantastic poured onto fresh, sour dough bread.

You could server the dish on a green salad, warm, in which case it would serve up to 4 people.

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2 Responses to Broad Beans and Chorizo

  1. Rabina says:

    right up my street. yum yum.

  2. Mad Dog says:

    I think I was inspired by your asparagus last week!

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