Belgo Noord


August 19th 2011

I went for lunch at Belgo Noord with Adrian, before going to see Curtain Call at the Roundhouse. Belgo is a small restaurant chain in London, specialising in Belgian cuisine and beer. Noord is the first of the chain, almost 20 years old now and particularly well designed with open kitchen and unusual loos.

belgian beer

To my mind the specialty of the house is mussels with chips and mayonnaise – that’s what I generally go for. They used to do very good surf and turf – steak with lobster, but it doesn’t seem to be on the menu any more. There are 800 different kinds of Belgian beer – Belgos doesn’t stock them all, but certainly stocks more than I’ve ever seen elsewhere. They also do some frightening shots of flavoured Schnapps which come by stick – you can buy a stick which contains 32 shots!


We both ordered from the Express Lunch menu at £7.95 each, including wine or beer. I had my usual, moules marinière with fries and mayonnaise – Adrian ordered spit roasted chicken with chilli and ginger sauce plus fries. The muscles were excellent, as usual and the chicken looked huge! We had their Brugs Wit beer on draft – it’s a wheat beer that tastes vastly superior to Hoegaarden.


Belgo Noord is at 72 Chalk Farm Road, NW1 8AN. Tel: 020 7267 0718
The service was excellent. Google Map

Square Meal

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4 Responses to Belgo Noord

  1. Could this be the last bargain left in London?!

  2. We eat and enjoy lots of mussels here in Andalucia but every time we visit London I keep meaning to take Big Man for the Belgo experience…he´d love the choice of beers too! This is a great reminder for me…can´t believe the size of that chicken!

  3. Audrey Evermore says:

    ha ha you are funny … did you forget to go to the Curtain Call … I shall tell Mr Arud not to hold exhibitions anywhere near restaurants in the future …. … or to at least provide an underground connecting tunnel from the eatery to the curtain call … x

  4. Mad Dog says:

    No not at all, Curtain Call was excellent. It was fitting to visit Belgo first, because Ron Arad designed some of the interior as well as Curtain Call 😉

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