Bacon Day

crispy bacon

September 3rd 2011

Today we celebrate International Bacon Day (apparently). Bacon Day comes from the University of Colorado and was first conceived in 2004. It’s celebrated on the Saturday before Labour Day (the first Monday of September in the USA) by consuming bacon and bacon themed meals.

Personally, I’m very happy with a bacon and mayonnaise sandwich, or when I push the boat out, avocado, bacon and brie. However, while researching this I discovered the delights of Bacon Ice CreamBacon Martinis and even kosher Baconnaise! That led to the BACONJEW blog and bacon sticking plaster, though perhaps there is something in that. I’ve found several post on the web that claim bacon fat is a traditional cure for boils! My very favourite is a scientific find, from the Telegraph, which states, “Bacon sandwich really does cure hangover.” Well I’m convinced!

Happy Bacon Day 😉

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2 Responses to Bacon Day

  1. I will join you in celebrating! Yay for bacon (and I always bring British Bacon back with me as Spanish bacon isn´t a patch on it).

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