Pollo Rico

pollo rico

October 12th, 2011

On Wednesday, I arrived in Barcelona to do a little work and enjoy some Catalan food and culture. Having lived here for several years in the 90’s, I have a real soft spot for the bars and restaurants, I used to frequent.

rotisserie – chicken and rabbit

I walked past Pollo Rico lots of times before I visited for the first time. The rotisserie chicken and rabbit, in the window, looked and smelled enticing, but having come from London, I was frightened that it might be a Barcelona version of Kentucky Fried Chicken. I got brave one day and I’m really glad I did (it may have had something to do with having a girlfriend who lived opposite – the fantastic smell got too much to resist).

chicken and chips

Pollo Rico is simple and unpretentious, customers sit at the long, stainless steel bar and their signature dish, chicken and chips is plonked on the plate! However, the chicken is the best I’ve ever tasted – I don’t know what they baste the meat with and they certainly won’t tell, but it’s chicken to die for.


After quite a few drinks and a visit to a publishing launch, my friend Oli and I were starving (and we’d already had tapas elsewhere). We ordered chicken croquetas and

berenjenas fritas

berenjenas fritas (fried aubergine, dipped in egg) as starters. I had the excellent chicken


and Oli ordered baby octopuses cooked with garlic and parsley on the griddle as main courses.

It all tasted great – I felt like I was at home again.

Pollo Rico is at: Carrer de Sant Pau, 31 Barcelona, 08001

August 29th, 2017 – sadly the owner of Pollo Rico has retired after 54 years and the restaurant has closed. Pollo Rico was an iconic locale and the epitome of popular restaurants in Barcelona, where most neighbours still met to eat or drink a beer.

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9 Responses to Pollo Rico

  1. Hello Mad Dog! Qué bien que estés por España. El pollo y los pulpitos tienen una pinta buenísima. Tendrías que darte una vuelta por Madrid también ya que estás tan cerca. ¡Qué lo pases muy bien!

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  3. My favourite place in Barca. Been meaning to do a post on it for ages, but I keep forgetting my camera when I go. That’s because I am always really really drunk, which is an absolute prerequisite to enjoying the experience. It seems even filthier and the clientele even crazier recently. I think that has kept away the tourists. Ha!

  4. Places like this are great – as a lone traveller I was always a bit nervous, but once I hooked up with a “local” I discovered how great they can be. Hope you continue to enjoy the trip!

  5. Audrey Evermore says:

    Sherry Oh Sherry Oh Baby .. you havent mentioned the aperitifs or the wine or the after dinner mince ….why not ?

  6. Audrey Evermore says:

    p.s… it has been raining in London … just thought I would let you know that xxx

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