Cala del Vermut

cala del vermut

October 15th, 2011

We went for an aperitif before lunch on Saturday, to the Vermut Bar. On Carrer de les Magdalanes there are three Vermut (vermouth) bars, all run by the same people.

vermut bottles

Vermouth could be described as a fortified or tonic wine, made with herbs and some additional, stronger alcohol, drunk medicinally until the latter half of the 19th Century, where it then became popular in cocktails, such as the vodka martini. There are red and white vermouths, sweet and dry. I particularly like the house red, poured from a tap like beer and served ice cold with an olive.


I believe Oli’s favourite of the three bars is the small one (pictured), in the middle of the street. To go with the vermouth, they serve little tapas, such as anchovies, olives and mussels.

Cala del Vermut is at: Carrer de les Magdalanes, 6, 08002, Barcelona.

Further info on Barcelona Vermut bars.

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11 Responses to Cala del Vermut

  1. I didn´t think I liked vernouth until Big Man took me to a bar in Granada where they serve their own…so good! And their first tapa is always half a jacket potato with olive oil and salt and eaten with a teaspoon…made me chuckle at first, now I look forward to it!

  2. Rabina says:

    I’m loving your barcelona posts. thanks.

  3. Audrey Evermore says:

    All you need is a flat with a street frontage … I can see you running one of these Vermut Bars …why are the bars and pubs in London so corporate … and huge …and not conducive to deep conversation … is it because we are shallow… Oh dear … I fear that is the case . I love these bars .. I love the Blue walls …and the closeness … We should have built a bridge rather than a tunnel to Europe . xxx

    • Mad Dog says:

      There’s a new Olimax shoot and book on the 26th November, in Barcelona – I think you should come! Flights are £25 each way around then 😉

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