Rolled Marinated Lamb

rolled lamb

November 5th, 2011

I went to a dinner party at Amaia’s last weekend.

lamb marinating

She bought a boned leg of lamb and marinated it in a mixture of chilli, coriander, garlic, lemon and olive oil, for several hours.

monkfish tails

I bought two pounds of very fresh monkfish tails from the fishmonger in Chapel Market for £10 (that’s exceptionally cheap – I saw monkfish for £27 kilo in Waitrose today) to make a starter.

monkfish with garlic and coriander

I cut up and flash fried the monkfish in olive oil with chopped coriander, garlic and lemon juice.

roast lamb

Amaia roasted the lamb for about an hour and served it sliced on a plate.

aubergine salad

The lamb came with a beautiful salad of cold, fried, aubergines, basil, mayonnaise, pine nuts and pomegranate seeds (it tasted as good as it looks).

chilli and cucumber sald

We also had a fierce chilli and cucumber salad

asparagus and courgette salad

and a warm salad of asparagus and cucumber.


…and as if that wasn’t enough, Amaia made some delicious Spanish mushrooms. I didn’t see them being cooked, but I assume they were cooked in olive oil, with chilli, garlic, lemon, parsley and sherry (see here for a recipe).

mango sorbet

To finish the meal, Amaia served a homemade mango sorbet. Somehow with all the revelry, I forgot to photograph the sorbet on the table. Fortunately I did get a picture, earlier on, of Amaia stirring the sorbet while it was setting in the freezer.

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8 Responses to Rolled Marinated Lamb

  1. Honestly you do get invited to the most amzing dinner parties – what fabulous food. And finishing with mango sorbet – my favourite fruit EVER!

  2. It was a wonderful dinner and nice that you could share the cooking like this. The aubergine salad with pomegranate seeds sounds like an especially delicious idea which I must try some time.

  3. Everything look amazing MD! I’m guessing Amaia is from Spain, cordero, champiñones…
    What a wonderful meal and shared with friends, it tastes even better, right?

  4. ceciliag says:

    Fabulous food, I love reading anything to do with lamb as i have some in my freezer right now! c

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