Punjab Restaurante

punjab restaurante

November 23rd, 2011

I know… we should have crawled home to bed from Frank’s Bar, but as we turned into C/ Joaquín Costa, there was the Punjab Restaurante. What were we doing? Well, in a quiet sleepy street, the bright, temple like entrance and a night time, 3 course menu, for €5.95 was just too hard to resist!

One thing worth noting here, if you click on the photograph to make it bigger, you’ll see that the restaurant does Punjab and Ecuadorian food – the couple who own it come from Punjab and Ecuador (respectively). I’m kicking myself now, because out of habit, I just ordered curry without looking at the Ecuadorian menu!


We both ordered pakora, which was excellent. This place, like Frank’s Bar, only sells red or white wine – no Rosado. I ordered red, which in Catalan is called vi negre (black wine).

kukhura curry

From this point on, things get a bit hazy – I can’t remember whether I had Kukhura Curry,

kukhura tikka massala

or Kukhura Tikka Massala – that’ll be the drink I suppose 😉 Both dishes came with rice or naan bread and which ever one I had was very good (and there were no complaints from Oli). We ordered some rice and a cheese naan as accompaniments.

Finally, I had rice pudding – just like the sweet, milky rice puddings of my childhood… and I forgot to take a picture.

The service was prompt and friendly – this has to be one of the cheapest restaurants in Barcelona – most do not do a 3 course cheap menu at night time (let alone for €5.95). My big regret is that I didn’t try the Ecuadorian food, but there’s always a next time. One more thing… they have vegetarian options on the menu too!

Punjab Restaurante is at: C/ Joaquín Costa, 1 08001 Barcelona

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4 Responses to Punjab Restaurante

  1. There is a similarity about Indian and Catalan food in that everything is brown or reddy brown. I once did a series for the “Observer” Colour Supplement on Indian food, and it was a very brown series. On the plus side both cuisinges maybe brown, but they are also totally delicious. Love the restaurant frontage.

    • Mad Dog says:

      You could have a point there and the fluorescent lights don’t help.
      I was looking forward to a nice cup of Barry’s tea, but that doorway just dragged me in!

  2. How did you manage to get onthe plane home?! You packed in a fantastic weekend by the look of things. And now I fancy a curry 😦

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