Magret de Canard

magret de canard

January 15th 2012

As if going out on Friday and Saturday wasn’t enough, Oli had brought a French Magret de Canard


and six Catalan Morcilla over with him from Barcelona, Rick had a lobster and some foie gras, so Sunday night was a night for some good old home cooking.


The lobster was dispatched first


and Rabina made some delicious canapés with mayonaise, cream cheese and cornichons on thin slices of bread.

sliced duck

Cooking the duck came next. Magret de Canard is the breast of a Moulard duck which has been fattened up to produce foie gras. The meat is chewier than normal duck (though no more so than beef) and it’s much tastier. Brown the breast on both sides (ideally the skin should go crispy), in a heavy skillet – pour off and save the fat. Next cook it for a further 5 minutes in a preheated oven at about 200ºC. Magret de Canard should be allowed to rest after cooking (for up to 10 minutes) and served pink.

mashed potato

In the meantime, Su made mashed potato and there was a joint effort

caramelised apples

caramelising sliced apple

sliced morcilla cooking

and frying pieces of morcilla.

flaming foie gras

Oli flamed the foie gras in some Somerset Cider Brandy and produced a sauce by deglasing the pan and stirring in some Greek yogurt.

dinner service

I eventually put the camera down to help serve!


Rick found a bottle of Tokaji in his wine cellar to go with dinner. The wine, also known as Tokay, only comes from Hungary and Slovakia, it’s sweet and topaz in colour.

vacherin and ripe brie

We finished our supper with cheese – Swiss Vacherin and some ripe French Brie.

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22 Responses to Magret de Canard

  1. ChgoJohn says:

    What a feast! Lobster, duck, and sausages! And that duck looks to be perfectly cooked. My hat’s off to the cook or cooks!

  2. I’ve always admired Margaret de Canard, a great friend of the demoiselles Tatin. Fab dinner and I’m very envious of the Tokay.

  3. I feel so sorry for you having to slum it in this way – duck, lobster, morcilla, washed down with Tokay. Honestly, will send you a red cross parcel with some dry bread and a lump of cheese to keep you from starving 😉 Was it a celebration of something wonderful or just a totally fabulous dinner with friends?!

  4. What an amazing feast! So many treats in one meal…the magrets that come from ducks fattened for foie gras are definitely best and this one looks perfectly cooked. Everything else looks wonderful too.

  5. Rick Sareen says:

    The Tokai was the essencia which is worth getting hold of once to taste. It is quite extraordinary.

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