Rasa Sayang

rasa sayang

April 14th, 2012

I went for a few drinks with Adrian at Blacks recently. We bumped in to a friend of mine from Art College and two bottles of wine later, eating seemed to be a sensible plan. I’d scanned the Time Out web site earlier, for interesting and reasonably priced food near Soho and Rasa Sayang looked like a good place to try.

The restaurant itself was established in 2008 and specialises in Malaysian – Singapore cuisine. The interior is clean, brightly lit and cafe like. I was attracted by hot and spicy food at reasonable prices and Time Out commented that, “The menu is like a tour of Singapore’s hawker stalls” – so very interesting in my book.

curry spring rolls

I ordered Curry Spring Rolls as a starter – made with chicken and potato curry. They were  quite hot and much more substantial than regular vegetable spring rolls.

grilled satay

Adrian ordered Grilled Chicken Satay, apparently grilled over a charcoal fire and served with a spicy peanut sauce.

curry laksa

My main course was Curry Laksa, a large bowl of egg noodles with a rich curry of fresh seafood (mainly prawns and squid). I was so glad I ordered it, it was hot, spicy and had a wonderful deep flavour. Apparently laksa is a coconut based curry soup, commonly containing sambal chilli paste and garnished with Vietnamese coriander or laksa leaf. I had thought that the leaf was mint, but reading up on it I realise that it was laksa leaf, with a slightly minty taste and odour. I’d definitely go back just to eat this again – my whole body felt energised by the heat for several hours afterwards.

fragrant prawn noodles

Adrian ordered Fragrant Prawn Noodles – prawns and chicken served with noodles in a rich prawn broth. This originated in Penang where it’s called Hooien Mee – normally containing prawns, shrimp, chicken, spring onions and lime. I didn’t try it but Adrian seemed very happy.

We washed our food down with Chinese Tsingtao beer – we needed it with all that heat!

Rasa Sayang is at: 5 Macclesfield Street, W1D 6AY

The food is good value, it’s about £10 for a starter and main course – I’ll definitely go back!

Square Meal

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18 Responses to Rasa Sayang

  1. ChgoJohn says:

    Wow, MD! You make me want to go out and order Malaysian food for dinner and I’ve never tasted it before. I don’t even know where a similar restaurant is located. But, after your review of that meal, I feel like I’m missing out on something. Isn’t it great when you try out a new restaurant and are treated to such a great meal? 🙂

  2. rutheh says:

    A terrific post. Makes me want to get on a plane. I love going to a new restaurant and being rewarded with a satisfying experience- like John said- A great meal!

  3. I have fond memories of Laksa at a little Singaporean restaurant in Swiss Cottage. No such luck in the bocage of the Vendee.

  4. I’ve never had Malaysian food, but it looks wonderful, if a little hot for my taste…maybe they do a wimp’s version of some of the dishes?

  5. Gosh it´s been ages since I ate food like this 😦 Sounds wonderful and good value for money too!

  6. It sounds awesome, now I only need 10 pounds for the meal and 35 € for the flight (in May) http://www.easyjet.com/ES/Booking.mvc 😉
    Hey! That pretty cheap!

  7. Karen says:

    It sounds like you had a delicious meal…the prawn and squid curry really sounds great.

  8. I love having a few drinks then going out somewhere casual and GOOD to just eat and enjoy! I wish i had known you when i was in london trolling about for just that place! c

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