Homage to Cataluña – Catering

mounting the exhibition

April 20th, 2012

I helped with the framing and mounting of the Homage to Cataluña exhibition yesterday,


but today I got on with cooking and preparing the food.

edible photographs

I’d spent some time working out how to put edible photographs into jelly

photos in jelly

and then how to make the jelly taste of gin and tonic – amazingly, that seemed to be working!

test jellies

I got two trays of photo jelly into the fridge and went off to the Boqueria in search of some interesting ingredients to feed the opening night expo visitors.


I went to buy two pork bellies intending to roast both of them and embed a large edible photograph into each one.


To my surprise – there seem to be about ten beef butchers and numerous stalls selling cured pork products in the market, but I could only find two pork butchers! I’m sure that the one I bought the bellies from (La Moianesa) was the best one, the lady who served me was so charming I nearly asked her out!


My next stop was the same carnisseria (beef butcher), A. Casanovas, that I’d been to back in November,


to purchase a good beef roasting joint to make English tapas (mini Yorkshire Puddings, with roast beef and horseradish). Once again I was given a very tender piece of meat weighing 2.7 kilos.

browning the beef

I picked up a few other things on the way back to the flat, before getting on with cooking. I browned the beef all over…

roast beef

before cooking it for 50 minutes in a fan assisted oven at 180º C and letting it cool down before wrapping it up and chilling it for tomorrow.

pork belly

The two big pieces of pork belly were cooked separately for about two hours at 180º C – both weighed about 2.5 kilos.

roast pork belly

I scalded the skin with boiling water first, dried it and sprinkled on some salt. Normally I’d score the skin with a knife or scalpel, but I didn’t this time because it might be harder to get the photograph into the skin if it cracked too much.

oscar pork belly

While all the cooking was going on I cut out the edible photographic prints for the pork and finished off adding the credits and checking the Catalan subtitles for the shooting of, Homage to Cataluña video – showing at the expo tomorrow…

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20 Responses to Homage to Cataluña – Catering

  1. Incredible! I want a bite of the crispy pork skin!

  2. rutheh says:

    Looks like you are having fun while you work. Never saw an edible photograph in my life.
    Interesting and unusual. Can’t wait to see tomorrow’s post.

  3. That is amazing – you are the Heston Blumenthal/Ferran Adria of the blog world….so glad the jellies set too!

  4. Great job there dude, really impressed with the edible photos, and cracking joints of meat. Would the photos work on bread too?

  5. ChgoJohn says:

    You are amazing, MD! As much as I would have been wow’ed by the edible pictures and cocktail-tasting jellies, I’d have been drawn to those meat dishes like a moth to a flame. They, alone, would have been worth the price of admission.

  6. Hard work putting exhibitions together. The option of eating the work when it all gets too much is a neat idea.

    • Mad Dog says:

      You can eat the work if it goes wrong, though I was glad that it all worked. The people who run the gallery are quite fantastic and have put a lot of effort into getting the show hung and looking good!

  7. This is all so exciting – the idea of edible photos, the food, and I loved the video too. Is it OK if I link to it on my blog and blipfoto journal?

  8. Audrey Evermore says:

    Els espectacles de Mestre de la llum i l’alimentació The Mistress de pesat.

  9. That is incredible, making edible photos – you are so clever!!! Imaginative and practical too. Wouldn’t have touched the pork, but very impressive visually!

  10. Everything looks wonderful MD. I was hopping you show us the photo of your lady from la boqueria 😉

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