Fira per la Terra

fira per la terra

April 22nd, 2012

Having eaten a brilliant lunch at Joanet and laughed ourselves silly, we went to Earth Day in Barcelona’s Ciutadella Park . Fira per la Tera (in Catalan) is an international event which aims to increase appreciation of and awareness for the Earth’s natural environment. This year I believe 192 countries took part.


We were very close to the park, so it seemed silly not to go and have a look.


I particularly enjoyed the local organic foods (of course).

bull blanc i negra

I was most interested in things like the bull, a type of cured butifarra, made with and without blood. The name bull refers to the fact that the sausages are boiled and has nothing to do with bulls.


There was some excellent coca a type of Catalan flavoured bread, especially popular in the Balearic Islands.


The almonds were particularly rustic looking


and I really wanted the artisanal cheese (all of it).


The cakes and tarts looked to be particularly popular.

I felt at home – it was Sunday and just like being at the farmers market! Of curse there were lots of other exciting things going on, like music, mime, theatre and handicrafts, but it’s food what makes me happy!

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11 Responses to Fira per la Terra

  1. ChgoJohn says:

    I’m so with you, MD. Let the Masses “enjoy” the music, mimes, theatre & handicrafts — the bread & circuses, if you will. I’ll be checking out the cheese & pasteles, wine glass in hand.

  2. We are still feasting on all the goodies we bought there!

  3. Ooh those cheeses – yes please. And if I had been there with Big Man and lost him I´m sure he´d have been lurking round the pasteles 😉

  4. Been really enjoying your Barce posts. Makes me want to go….love the look of the food at this market. I’ve never seen the coca on Mallorca where they have a lot of Catalan specialities as you say. The almonds there are something special….great for making torta de almendras.

  5. ¡muy interesante MD! I can see you enjoyed your visit 🙂

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