Roast Chicken stuffed with Olives

roast chicken with olives

September 25th, 2012

I had lots of leftover black olives and a lonely chicken in the fridge, so I decided to combine the two. I first had something like this at a Moroccan wedding in Paris, almost 20 years ago. It’s very simple and remarkably tasty!

Roast Chicken stuffed with Olives recipe (serves 3 – 4):

1 whole chicken 3 – 4 lbs
a cupful of olives
6 – 8 pieces of garlic, bruised and peeled
2 – 3 slices of lemon
4 sprigs of thyme
3 knobs of butter
1 glass of red wine
a splash of red wine vinegar
Sea salt and cracked black pepper

chicken stuffed with olives

Sprinkle some seasoning inside the chicken, then stuff with a knob of butter, garlic, lemon, olives and thyme. Rub the bird all over with the remaining  butter (or olive oil if you prefer) – put it into a greased oven dish and add a little seasoning on top. Pour in the red wine and vinegar. Cook in a pre heated oven, at 200º C for one to one and a half hours. Baste the chicken every 20 minutes and test to see that the juices run clear when it looks done.

Serve with couscous or rice. I drank a very nice red Corbières with it – La Volière des Ollieux. It seemed quite fitting, the vineyard was planted on or by an olive grove (ollieux means olive groves in the Occitan language) in the 12th century by Cistercians.

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27 Responses to Roast Chicken stuffed with Olives

  1. What an excellent picture – a proper roast chicken as opposed to one posing as a roast chicken. I remember eating duck with olives at Chez Allard in Paris. Olives are so good with poultry. Nice one.

  2. The recipe says it all. I’m sure it was delicious.

  3. Looks really delicious and well roasted 🙂

  4. This chicken looks crazy good. Who could resist all those olives spilling forth? Not anyone who sits at my table, that’s for sure.

  5. Conor Bofin says:

    Excellent post. The olive stuffing looks pretty extreme. I will be posting an extreme garlic chicken on Thursday. I’ll bet it was perfect with the Corbieres. We stayed down that way this summer (for the 4th time). The wines are beautifully earthy and, thankfully, I managed to stuff a couple of cases into the car. The problem is one has hundreds of producers to pick from. The problem to have, I suppose.

    • Mad Dog says:

      Thanks Conor and I’m sure your garlic chicken is going to be excellent – the two go together so well! Isn’t it great to have more wine than you can choose 🙂

    • Audrey Evermore says:

      The wine was from Oddbins… the small wine shops with the wooden floors. It made a change from supermarket wine shopping which has become all too easy of late … I am so pleased that The Mad one likes it .

  6. Oooh, this one looks mad good. I like the couscous idea! And especially the very fitting wine!

  7. What a fantastic idea – would never have thought of cooking it like that. It looks amazing (love the photo) and I bet it tasted even better. Did you have any leftovers?!

    • Mad Dog says:

      Thanks Tanya – not many leftovers, but the carcass did go into the stockpot and the resulting chicken stock did have a nice hint of olive about it.
      You’ve got olives and I bet the Moors cooked something like this in Spain once upon a time 😉

  8. Audrey Evermore says:

    mmmmm! very moorish .! . I have often thought of stuffing chickens with eggs , even in their shells perhaps, but it always feels a little weird . Too close to the bone so to speak . But you have solved that for me , use olives . How perfect . It even makes me remember that birds swallow stones during storms to keep balast ( or something like that ) … This dish must be art for it is soooo true . Attenborough and Darwin would approve !
    I hadnt assosiated the wine with olives … I was only thinking of The Doc… and not Langue Doc either.

  9. Tessa says:

    I never thought of stuffing a chicken with olives. What a fabulous idea!

  10. ChgoJohn says:

    Great looking bird you got there, MD. As I was reading, I couldn’t help but wonder if you used the carcass for stock. So glad to read that you did. That soup, like the chicken, must have been delicious.

    • Mad Dog says:

      Thanks John, it made excellent stock. I always cook up the bones with some vegetables to make stock. Lately I seem to have eaten a lot of chicken and I’ve used the stock for all sorts of sauces and gravies.

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