Doble Zeroo

doble zeroo

doble zeroo

December 7th, 2012

I have to admit that I was a bit sceptical about going for a Sushi lunch menu in what looks like a bodega (old fashioned Spanish wine bar selling wine from the barrel, glasses of wine and sometimes groceries). However, Debbie had been before and was full of praise, so five of us went to Doble Zeroo for lunch.

gunkan maguro tartar

gunkan maguro tartar

The lunch menu had four options between 10.50 – 14.50€ – the cheaper ones contained lots of rice and the expensive ones had more fish. Surtido de Nigrini y Sashimi was the most expensive, but it’s a reasonable price for Sashimi so most of us ordered that.

The menu included an aperitivo del dia (aperitif), which I believe was a Gunkan Maguro Tartare – a little ball of tuna tartare. It was quite delicious.



Debbie raved about the Gyosas (Gyoza), which they readily swapped for the set Miso Soup. These are a steamed, fried dumplings, (appropriated from Chinese Jiaozi) commonly containing pork, cabbage, garlic and ginger. They were very good and reminded me of Polish Pierogi.

edamame beans

edamame beans

Nokie ordered some Edamame Beans, which we all shared.

surtido de nigiri y sashimi

surtido de nigiri y sashimi

The Nigiri and Sashimi looked and tasted amazing. Firstly there was a lot of it and secondly the fish was of excellent quality, very soft and succulent – far superior to anything I’ve had in Britain. It literally melted in the mouth. Debbie was very enthusiastic about the Butter Fish, bottom left, white Sashimi – it was all quite fantastic!

tarta de queso

tarta de queso

I think we all had Tarta de Queso for dessert – my brain gets fooled every time into thinking it’s cheese tart when of course it’s cheese cake! Needless to say, it was light and fluffy with a nice twist – the biscuit on top.

The service was good, and the restaurant was full, though it didn’t seem to have any Japanese staff – I do hope they were not locked in the kitchen.

I drank rosdao – it is Spain after all and I momentarily forgot the existence of Sake

Doble Zeroo is at: C/ Jaume Giralt 53, 08003  Barcelona

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9 Responses to Doble Zeroo

  1. Eha says:

    Oh you DO get fantastic value for the euro!! Interesting to see what was on your menu: remember I live closer to ‘things Asian’ 🙂 ! I very much liked the sashimi plate, but . . . well, the gyozas do not quite look the part – they seem brown all over and in ‘real life’ they are not! They have their flat bottom fried in the pan for a brief while, then water gets poured in and they steam in that, leaving the tops pale: I think that would affect the consistently also. My apologies: but they are one of my fave Chinese/Japanese ‘nibbles’ 😀 !

  2. ChgoJohn says:

    I cannot believe you were served that lunch for that price, MD. Sure, I can find comparable offerings here but not for that price. Believe me, if I could, I’d be having lunch at sushi bars far more often than I do. 🙂

    • Mad Dog says:

      I know. I can get a set sushi bento at the end of my street for about £10, but you don’t get the quantity of fish or the really good cuts – I could go straight back 🙂

  3. You’ve been eating so well in Barcelona – very envious. I was amazed at the quantity of sashimi on the wooden board and how good it looked. I’m slowly building up a repertoire of restaurants from your blog for our next visit – nice one:)

  4. We so need to make a trip to Barcelona to visit all these amazing reataurants you are finding for us!

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