Last Chance Barbecue

vegetable kebabs

vegetable kebabs

September 12th, 2013

Last week we had a heatwave followed by rain – this week Autumn arrived with cooler temperatures and more rain. It’s a good job I invited Audrey and Fiona over for a last chance barbecue while it was still warm!

I was inspired by Natalia at Hot Cheap & Easy to add slices of lemon to the vegetable skewers – actually I was mistaken, what I thought were slices of lemon at first glance turned out to be yellow squash, but I decided to try it anyway…

Always soak the skewers for an hour or two to stop them burning. Mine contained fabulous cherry tomatoes, green peppers and yellow courgettes from Martin the farmer. The lemon and mushrooms came from the greengrocer across the street. I poured a little olive oil on the kebabs with a squirt of lemon and a sprinkle of salt and pepper an hour before cooking. A couple of slices of lemon on each kebab did add extra lemon flavour and they caramelised nicely – I’ll do it again next time.

cumberland style sausages

cumberland style sausages

I bought a dozen Cumberland style sausages from Theobalds – these are my favourite sausages for the barbecue. Cooking on hot coals would not be the same without them.

jerk chicken

jerk chicken

I rubbed a cornfed spatchcocked chicken (also from Theobalds) with Jerk Seasoning and left it in the fridge for 24 hours before barbecuing. Jerk Seasoning is typical of Jamaican cuisine and can be applied to meat as a dry rub, or wet marinade – it usually contains: bay leaves, black pepper, brown sugar, cinnamon, cloves, coriander, garlic, ginger, lime juice and zest, nutmeg, pimento (allspice), salt, scallions, scotch bonnet peppers and thyme. You can mix your own Jerk Seasoning or buy it in shops, preprepared.

blackened chicken

blackened chicken

Cook the chicken over moderate coals until the skin has blackened and the juices run clear – probably about an hour. Do be careful that it has cooked all the way through.

Missing from the pictures, is a delicious Greek salad that Fiona made (with feta, cucumber, olives and tomato) and a potato salad that I made (with new potatoes, chopped hard boiled eggs, mayonnaise, English mustard powder, chopped spring onions and a clove of diced raw garlic).

We  drank a few bottles of chilled rosé – the favourite of the day was Viña Albali Tempranillo Rosado.

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25 Responses to Last Chance Barbecue

  1. The BBQ looks and sounds delicious! and I am so glad Hot, Cheap & Easy was your inspiration for a new change (albeit inadvertently!)

  2. Eha says:

    Yummy barbecue ~ remember our ‘season’ is just beginning. I too love making vegetable skewers but am most interested in your jerk-seasoned chicken: the seasoning is available here but not so oft used with all the various Asian and Middle Eastern ones the usual ‘picks’ – have to try, looks great 🙂 !

    • Mad Dog says:

      Thanks Eha – I wish ours went on a bit longer! Jerk seasoning is very good with chicken and quite amazing on pork steaks. If you rub it in 24 hours before cooking it really permeates the meat 😉

  3. Looks good. I’ve never made jerk chicken but I think I’m going to try soon.

  4. Top barbecue. If your going to put lemon on the skewers, go for preserved lemons. So good. Love the chicken……whole thing looks the business.

  5. expatchef says:

    Hi Craig! It all looks delicious, but as you know, I love me some jerk chicken! Wish I could have been there to partake in all that spicy yuminess! Cheers and hope you have few more warm and sunny days left!

  6. audrey evermore says:

    Taste bud witness… that skin on that chicken was better than eating the chicken breast . it was more than good it was a weapon against weight watchers . I was silent for a good twenty minutes while i savoured it . which was a relief for the other guests I am sure . salad and other tit bits were wonderful … but that chicken skin was out of this world.

  7. ChgoJohn says:

    “Last” and “barbecue” I dread hearing/saying those words together. Fall is arriving here tonight and I am so not ready. If you’re going to say good-bye to Summer, though, a barbecue is the way to do it. Yours here was a good one, MD. Love the look of that chicken. 🙂

    • Mad Dog says:

      Me too, however, I hoping to extend the summer slightly by going to Barcelona in a couple of weeks time – it’s getting far too damp and chilly here 😉

  8. Ah but I’m sure there will be a few coals glowing on that Barcelona rooftop soon! All gorgeous and I love the info about the jerk spice mix…would like to give making it a go 🙂

  9. Tessa says:

    I am amazed on how many dishes that you were able to cook on that little BBQ! And all of the dishes look fantastic! Have a great weekend!

    • Mad Dog says:

      Thanks Tessa. It depends how much coal you put on and the aluminium foil does a great job of insulating and reflecting the heat back up. I used to build enormous piles of charcoal 10 years ago, but now go for less and slower cooking.
      I bought one of those cheap little barbecues in America, 20 years ago, expecting it to last for a couple of cook outs – amazingly it lasted for several years. I’d want something bigger for a proper party though 😉

  10. cecilia says:

    How lovely that you discovered a new taste quite by mistake, I have not cooked anything on a skewer in years! but I love to cook with lemons, just not in september. I missed one of your posts i see so now I am off to look at the allotment! ciao.. c

  11. Ruth says:

    Super post and I love the title. Last chance BBQ. But not what lies ahead in the winter months.

    I love lemons, too. That chicken must have been delicious. Cheers with the Rose sounds perfect.

  12. Gosh, really loving those vege kabaabs – and the chicken, too, of course! 😀 That bbq is the same as the one my dad used to have – I used to love watching things cook and munching them while piping hot!

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