Donostia Social Club

donostia social club

donostia social club

30th September 2013

Last week I had lunch at the Donostia Social Club with Steve, at Kerb in Kings Cross. I’d seen a rave review about this place a few weeks ago and I was very keen to try the food.

donostia menu

donostia menu

Paul, the owner, lived in the Basque Country for many years and has been influenced by the region’s food, especially the pintxos (similar to tapas).



Donostia is the Basque name for St. Sebastian – I spent a few days there 20 years ago and was completely blown away by the food, so I can completely understand someone wanting to bring it to England.

fried and salted broad beans

fried and salted broad beans

We had a couple of nibbles while perusing the menu – I crunched away on these delicious broad beans for a few minutes before I realised they were not savoury biscuits! I’ll have to try making them.

basque chillis and olives

basque chillies and olives

The olives with chillies packed a punch that I really appreciate.

braised iberico pork cheek

braised iberico pork cheek

I had a hot Braised Iberico Pig Cheek  sandwich from the menu – it was a mountain of cheek sandwiched in a bun with some rocket. It came in a handy box (for takeaway) and was cooked to perfection.

confit duck with basque cider sauce

confit duck with basque cider sauce

Steve had a Confit Duck Slider with Basque Cider Sauce – as you can see it looks quite delicious.

morcilla and red pepper

morcilla and red pepper

Not content with a mountain of pig cheeks, down to the fact that all the food looked amazing, I has a pintxo of morcilla (black pudding) with a twirl of red pepper.

crayfish and caper berry

crayfish and caper berry

These pintxos are very good value at £2, so I greedilly had a second one – Crayfish with a Caperberry on top.

All the food was excellent – it worked out at £21 for two people. Normally Donostia Social Club sells wine, but sadly lunch at Kerb is a tea-total event. Check the Donostia website for their next appearance in London.

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33 Responses to Donostia Social Club

  1. Glad you posted this. We enjoyed a couple of basque sandwiches last Friday after a visit to the Koestler Exhibition at the RFH. The van and high stools fitted the bill, not to mention the excellent food served by Paul and Alex. Highly recommended. Alex was doing a great job pulling in the punters…..

  2. That is fantastic. Totally brilliant food ( fuck being a vegetarian for the moment ) and sold out of my favourite van. So envious. I must get down the the Basque country—it’s only about 2 hrs away. Great post MD.

  3. That food looks very good. I wish we had a food truck.

  4. What a fantastic place! Love those broad bean nibbles, they sell them in the supermarkets here with the crisps and nuts – look out for habas fritas in the boqueria, they should be fantastic. I think San Sebastian has more restaurants with Michelin stars per head of population than any other city in the world – love it there, maybe we’ll stop off again on our way back from England in a few months.

  5. Karen says:

    You eat the best meals and such reasonable prices…it all sounds delicious. Have a good time on your trip.

  6. Looks brilliant, what amazing value for tasty food.

  7. Tessa says:

    Looks like amazingly delicious food! I’m still drooling…… And, that food truck, how cool is that?

  8. Eha says:

    Fantastic value and such fun food . . . oh what one misses living rurally [and in Oz!] 🙂 ! The black pudding and the crayfish with caperberry, please ~ two of each at that price!!!

    • Mad Dog says:

      Thanks Eha – it’s great to find somewhere that cheap and delicious. A lot of street food in London is nearly as expensive as going to a restaurant.

  9. How wonderful! You’re so clever at finding cheap, delicious food in London. I wish I’d known you when I was there. Pintxos in San Sebastian are fab, especially with their amazing seafood – I was there briefly eight years ago and would love to go back. Your crayfish one looks very good indeed.

  10. cecilia says:

    Pigs cheek! Dammit. I will have to try and remember to ask for that cut next time! The little boxes are great too.. did you take your hip flask then? or run down to the M&S for a wee bottle of something..

    • Mad Dog says:

      Yes you must – slow cooked pig cheeks are delicious! In fact the whole head is quite good, if you slow cook it, it makes amazing brawn.
      I managed without a lunchtime drink, but did have a few beers that evening 😉

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