Hotel Restaurant La Ciudadela  

hotel restaurant la ciudadela  

hotel restaurant la ciudadela

November 30th, 2015

I met Nookie for lunch at the Hotel Restaurant La Ciudadela, a modern hotel next to the Arc de Triomf and just above Parc de la Cuitadella (one of Barcelona’s greenest open spaces). The weather was beautiful, 14ºC and lovely sitting in the sun. I ordered from the menú del día, while Nookie had a prawn and mushroom scrambled egg dish from the main menu.

fideos arrosejats

fideos arrosejats

My first course was Fideos arrosejats con setas de temporada y mayonesa de trufa negra – fideuà with wild mushrooms and black truffle mayonnaise. This was quite delicious, especially with the rich truffle mayonnaise.

lenguado al vapor

lenguado al vapor

I ordered Cabrito al horno (goat cooked in the oven) for my main course, but was five minutes too late and missed the last portion! Instead I had Lenguado al vapor con langostinos y salsa romesco – steamed sole with langoustines and romesco sauce. Succulent slices of sole, scampi, potatoes, courgettes and mushrooms with a red pepper, almond, pine nut and garlic sauce.

sorbete de fresones casero

sorbete de fresones casero

I had a Sorbete de fresones casero for pudding – a home made strawberry sorbet. I hadn’t expected it to be quite so big, but soldiered on regardless.



…of course we had a bottle of rosado to go with our lunch. I couldn’t help being amused by three sophisticated ladies from the South of France, on the table next to us. They had drunk a large pitcher of sangria and perhaps a few aperitifs beforehand… It became evident that it was a mother with two daughters in their late twenties – the latter were slightly inebriated and playful, while their mother looked on somewhat disdainfully. The more disdainful she became, the naughtier the daughters behaved – so much so that they were still in high spirits as they crossed the road and disappeared into the park.

The Hotel Restaurant La Ciudadela lunch menu is currently €12.50 – I thoroughly recommend it for the food and location on a sunny day. I would imagine it’s also a nice place to stay, with great views across the park.

The Hotel Restaurant La Ciudadela is at: Paseo Lluis Companys 2, 08010 Barcelona.

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16 Responses to Hotel Restaurant La Ciudadela  

  1. Eha says:

    Mad – it is midday of the last day of 2015 here and I am softly laughing at my second lesson on both ‘menu del dia’ and rose wines in Spain in two days 🙂 ! [Yes, well, Yule got out of hand and am only now recovering!!] Ainsley Herriott’s ‘Street Food – Madrid’ last night spoke of both the price and quality of such ‘compulsory’ meals in Spain . . . would just love the goat for lunch!! Also looked up Spanish roses . . . and I WOULD like to try! Rarely order . . . tho’ way back when I remember liking a French brew called ‘Cendres de Novembre’ . . no idea whether would care with todays’s palate!!! Anyways, thanks for making me properly jealous and all the very, very best for the New Year . . .

    • Mad Dog says:

      Thanks Eha – I’m sure I’ll be going back for goat some other time.
      I’ve found an astonishing thing with Catalan rosés and that is, they rarely give me a hangover. This may be down to the soil and or grape variety, because I’ve had delicious pink wines from other parts of the world that have made my head ache for days. Aside from that, the tax on wine is very low, even when purchased in a bar or restaurant – this leads to a vie en rose!
      Wishing you a very Happy New Year 🙂

  2. Love that they ran out of goat so you had none.. no making it up as they go along! I must try your catalan rose – I am too old for hangovers! c

    • Mad Dog says:

      Most lunch menus change weekly, or even daily in some places, so the most popular items do run out. I see that as a good thing since it shows the food is fresh. The no hangover thing is fantastic, but Uncle Sam will ruin the low price with import tax 😦

  3. What a lovely meal. I love fideos and rosado. And that sorbet is gorgeous. What a funny story about the ladies. It reminds me of my sister and me back in the day when we thought we were fooling my parents into thinking we were just fine…I miss españa! Felix año nuevo, md!

  4. Michelle says:

    You always make me want to get on the first plane to Spain. Happy new year!

  5. Karen says:

    My husband would have been right there ordering the goat as well while I know I would have ordered the sole…love it. Have a wonderful new year filled with lots of delicious food and friendship.

  6. You aways order what I would have ordered! Happy New Year my friend 🙂

  7. Raden says:

    Mad whether you ever been to Indonesia and sample the cuisine rendang which is very famous in the world or the satay and gado gado.

  8. ChgoJohn says:

    When I travel, I rarely, if ever, even consider going to a hotel for a meal. I can see that I should rethink that stance and do a little bit of investigating next time I’m across The Pond, or, I could just go to McDonald’s and get a number 5. Yeah, like that’s going to happen.
    Happy New Year, MD!

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