Lascar 74


lascar 74

On Wednesday we went for lunch at Lascar 74 in Poble-sec. Lascar 74 is a ceviche restaurant and pisco bar. Ceviche is a cured raw fish dish, where citrus fruits are used to “cook” without heat. Ceviche comes from Peru and is thought to have originated among the Moche, a pre-Columbian coastal civilisation. However, this style of fish dish may also have its roots in Ecuador and it’s become quite popular in Mexico too. Pisco is an amber coloured brandy which comes from the winemaking regions of Peru and Chile – it was created by Spanish immigrants in the 17th century. Pisco lends its name to the very popular cocktail, Pisco Sour, containing egg white, pisco, simple syrup, lime juice and bitters.



We arrived early, so I sampled the vermut del a casa, which is enlivened with pisco and ginger among other things. I was so impressed by the South American take on vermut that I drank two!

menú del dia

menú del dia

As usual, we were here for the menú del dia, where the set lunch comes with a drink from €10.



We’d arranged to meet Simon here and he brought Vanessa Fenton (ex lead artist with the Royal Ballet) with him. Somehow we got off piste quite quickly and in front of us were a dozen oysters and a bottle of cava.

enslada lascar

enslada lascar

After the brief interlude we were back to the menú, the first course being ensalada Lascar – a salad of spiralised courgette, green leaves, nuts, figs and ají.



Now on course we switched to drinking a bottle of rosado.

nikkei ceviche

nikkei ceviche

Oli pointed out that for an additional €2 we could order from the more expensive World Ceviches for our second course. I  jumped at the chance to order the El Japonés nikkei ceviche – tuna with leche de tigre (tiger’s milk), soy and sesame, edamame beans, shitake mushrooms and seaweed. This was absolutely stunning – I’d go back again, just for this dish alone.



…and finally we ordered a single sticky brownie and 4 spoons.

We got a bit carried away here, but the regular set lunch of ensalada Lascar, a classic ceviche and a drink (wine, beer or water) costs €10. A pudding added to the ménu del dia brings the cost up to €13. I consider this to be great value and the service here is excellent!

Lascar 74 is at: C/ del Roser 74, 08004, Barcelona.

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18 Responses to Lascar 74

  1. Eha says:

    Whereas I’ll happily leave pisco for others to enjoy ceviche has been a ‘forever’ favourite I know more under names like sashimi and poke . . . but have to admit we always eat this as a first course and not main . . . different horses etc . . . . without having tasted the Japanese version looks too ‘busy’ and ‘saucy’ to raise my appetite overly: but you were there 🙂 ! The oysters look fabulous: far too expensive here for us to indulge more than on v special occasions: mine just with lemon and pepper thanks or possible Bercy if cooked . . .

    • Mad Dog says:

      Some years ago, I went to a bar in Apalachicola Bay for a drink before dinner. The bar menu was all oysters done different ways at $1.99 per dozen. I ended up eating 3 dozen oysters and skipping dinner 😉

      • Eha says:

        I would have too 🙂 ! I actually exited mail and ‘went’ to Sydney for the best of today’s prices – the best per dozen bought at our Sydney Fish Markets : $A29 . . . . looked up about 4-5 favourite Sydney restaurants known for seafood, but not necessarily the ‘poshest’! Nothing under $A4 each [with 6 minimum per serve] to $A7.50 each! See what I mean: you lucky Barcelona-visitor 🙂 !!!

  2. I love pre Columbian traditional foods. There’s a certain magic to them. I’m also a fan of pisco, as long as it isn’t too sweet. This sounds like just the kind of meal I like. Glad you enjoyed. And that brownie!!!

  3. I would have loved to eaten all of that and the red drink too. Thanks for sharing your lunch Maddog!!

  4. Oh my, oh my! Wonderful and vermouth and ostras too…bliss 😀

  5. Michelle says:

    You’re a lucky man, M.D.!!

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  7. ChgoJohn says:

    This all sounds wonderful, MD, and reading your post brought a smile to my face. I’ve been heading out lately for breakfast or lunch. We’ve reached near-record temps on several days and I’ve wanted to take advantage. In fact, Thursday will be another. Whereas you seek out — and find — fantastic meals at a very reasonable price point, I’m just looking for a patio that hasn’t been closed for the winter. I worry about the food once I get look at the menu. 🙂

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