Le Cinquante Huit

le cinquante huit

le cinquante huit

In spite of staying out nearly all night, I woke up feeling reasonably good this morning, which is just as well since I had to go to Poblenou to do a little consultation. Nookie was also working in Poblenou today, so we arranged to meet for lunch. Poblenou was once a village in its own right, it became the industrial center of Cataluña during the industrial revolution and a suburb of Barcelona. Nowadays many of the factories have been transformed into artists studios, galleries and even craft breweries – it has become quite a trendy barrio.

58 bar

58 bar

We went to look for somewhere good to eat on the Rambla de Poblenou, which runs down to the sea through shops, bars and restaurants. Oli mentioned Le Cinquante Huit (conveniently at 58 on the Rambla) when I left the house, but warned that it’s often busy. Nookie had also heard good things about it, so we went to have a look. I was half expecting a queue, but we arrived at about 3pm and had missed the rush.

58 interior

58 interior

Le Cinquante Huit looks like a small bar through the window, though there’s no doubt that it’s also a restaurant as it has four boards outside promoting the food. One walks through the bar and down a small passage, with kitchen on the right, to get to the restaurant. There’s even a courtyard with tables at the rear.

bacalao, leek and potato soup

bacalao, leek and potato soup

There was next to nothing written on the menú del dia board (outside on the right), so I wondered if they’d sold out. However, I needn’t have worried, the waiter recited four starters and mains, all of which sounded good. I chose a fantastic (and restorative) bacalao, leek and potato soup as my primer plato. The potato was just starting to crumble into the liquid and there were plenty of big chunks of salt cod amongst the strands of leek – it was delicious.

celeriac and scallop salad

celeriac and scallop salad

Nookie went off piste and ordered from long list of tapas on a blackboard that our waiter brought to the table. She had quite an extraordinary dish of scallops in a purée of céleri (celeriac) topped with a pretty salad containing little yellow flowers. I tried the scallops and purée – they were fantastic.



My main course was lubina a la brasa (grilled sea bass) with rice. Again this was excellent and the seasoning was perfect.

yogurt and honey

yogurt and honey

For pudding I had yogurt with honey.



I drank a very good house vermut when we arrived, followed by a glass of rosado. I finished, como siempre, with a carajillo de coñac.

The menú de mediodia, including 3 courses, a drink, bread and coffee costs €10.50 and is exceptional value. Le Cinquante Huit also does a long list of tapas at reasonable prices – it can be busy, so get here by 1.30 or come after 3.00pm.

Le Cinquante Huit is at: Rambla Poblenou 58, 08005, Barcelona.

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23 Responses to Le Cinquante Huit

  1. Eha says:

    Before going off on a blog-break just have to admit I would have managed two whole big portions of the bacalao and potato soup ere pinching bits and pieces of the fish from other plates . . . See’ya . . .

  2. I love a good vermut. And a carajillo and some fish.. So good. Are you 25??! Staying out all night? I went to bed and woke up to Trump as president. I thought it was a nightmare but I still can’t wake up. More vino plz!

    • Eha says:

      Amanda . . None of us know how to wake up from this . It is a nightmare. Vino will not help but each and every one of us, wherever in the world, showing both disregard and aftermath methodologies may – he cannot have each and every one of us aside . . . and if the guy is still there after the US so profoundly talks about after the next couple of months ere the ‘swearing in ceremony’ . . . . let us watch every step – in this world of ours . . . perchance we can!

    • Nadia says:

      Things will work out, they always do and remember he was actually democratically elected by the majority of Americans so we just have to live with it. Hopefully congress will be strong.

    • Mad Dog says:

      Hi Amanda – I did have a few hours sleep and I wish I was still 25 (if only). Contrary to what Eha said, I think wine does help, though it might take quite a lot, as it looks like Trump is going to be around for a while. Perhaps morning carajillos in New York will catch on…

  3. Nadia says:

    Sounds delicious as always. Stuart and I are planning a trip to Barcelona, when is a good time to visit and what area is best to stay in. We are thinking of not having a car, coming by train or plane.

    • Mad Dog says:

      Hi Nadia, I’d recommend you stay somewhere close to Plaça Cataluña which is next to the chic Eixample shops and the Ramblas and Barrio Gotico …or perhaps down by the Port on Passeig de Colom (the view is great if you get somewhere with a balcony).
      You are right to leave the car at home – it’s definitely a city for walking with a fantastic air conditioned Metro (buy a €10 T10 ticket for 10 journeys and it can be shared). There’s a very quick bus from Barcelona El Prat Airport that goes to Plaça Cataluña for €5.90. If you get a French train to Estació de França, it’s right by the port.
      I like October, November, December and March, April, May and June – there are less tourists around and it’s not so hot. July, August and September can be extremely humid.
      Like all big cities, there are lots of pick pockets, especially on the Ramblas. My advice is don’t wear expensive jewelry or carry more than €100. Don’t eat or drink at the bars or restaurants on the Ramblas – they are expensive and generally not very good. Never put your handbag on the floor or jacket with valuables in it on the back of a chair.
      Do let me know if you’d like any other info 🙂

  4. Sounds like you ordered all Big Man’s favourites….. bacalao and lubina! Another great meal you shared with us Mad…muchísimas gracias 😀

  5. Proper food and a brilliant price in the sort of place that I would love….top stuff, MD, although I would expect nothing less from you..:)

  6. Karen says:

    The soup sounds perfect as does the celeriac and scallop salad. Another of your good finds.

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