La Mar Salada April 2017

la mar salada

I pinched myself again – no I wasn’t dreaming. I was sitting in La Mar Salada, next to the port in Barceloneta. The sun was warm and so bright that the waiter cranked out the the parasol so we could read our menús without being blinded by the light.

La Mar Salada is an award winning restaurant recommended by Where Chefs Eat and Fodor’s. The chef, Marc Singla, previously worked with Ferran Adrià (of El Bulli) at Talaia.

menú del dia

I’d looked at the menú first thing this morning – it was good, so I emailed Oli directly to suggest lunch. As you can see I got a positive response and we arranged to meet up with Finn and Merv at 2 O’clock.

crema de carxofes

I was completely sold on the idea of Crema de carxofes amb gelat de bacon, encenalls de foi i brou d’ànec – cream of artichoke soup with bacon ice cream, foie shavings and a drizzle of duck broth. This was a stunning, warm artichoke soup with a cold scoop of bacon ice cream floating in the middle …plus foie gras and duck! This is what I came for – baby globe artichokes are in season and the above combination was to die for!

llenties caviar

Finn wasn’t quite so keen on the duck, so chose Amanida tèbia de llenties caviar, escarola frisée, tagliatelle de calamar i vinagreta d’all escalivat i guindilla – warm lentil salad, curly endive, squid tagliatelle and roast garlic with chilli vinagrette. I could have eaten this one myself, if they hadn’t tempted me with artichoke soup.

bacallà a la planxa

I had  Bacallà a la planxa amb pil pil de ceps, favetes fresques i espàrrecs bladers for my main course – grilled cod with mushroom pil pil, baby broad beans and wild asparagus. I was told by a Basque friend, that pil pil is Basque for the bubbling sound made by something cooking in a pan. The cod flaked perfectly and had a lovely crispy skin. The thick garlic pil pil emulsion is synonymous with the popular Basque dish, bacalao pil pil, where the collagen in the cod, along with sliced garlic, thickens the olive oil they are cooked in to make a warm mayonnaise like sauce.

fish and chips

Oli had “Fish and chips” de lluç de palangre amb patates rosses i emulsió de romesco. I was very tempted by this myself, as I love hake (the fish in the fish and chips), served with a romesco sauce emulsion. Interestingly, English fish and chips has a direct link to Spain – Sephardi Jews, fleeing the Inquisition brought bacalao in a tempura batter to Britain and of course the Spanish were the first Europeans to discover the potato in the New World. It’s hard to imagine a Europe without potatoes, tomatoes, many types of bean and pimentón.

cake de llimona

For pudding, the popular choices were Cake de llimona amb gelat de iogurt (which I had) – lemon cake with yogurt ice cream

platàna estofat amb crema

and Plàtan estofat amb crema de la passió i toffee – stewed banana with passion and toffee cream. Both were excellent, though I’m wondering now why none of us tried the Mojito de maduixa (strawberry mojito), which sounds quite good!


I finished with my usual Spanish pick up – a carajillo de cognac.

vi blanc

The menú del dia at La Mar Salada is a bargain, at €18 for 3 courses and a glass of wine. In addition to our lunch, we drank a few bottles of the house white and all of us had coffee with some kind of spirit in it. Our bill always seems to work out to be around €30 each and today was no exception.

La Mar Salada is at: Passeig Joan de Borbó, 58-59, 08003 Barcelona

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32 Responses to La Mar Salada April 2017

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  7. These are the most beautiful dishes ice seen you post. The artichoke soup with bacon ice cream is do inventive. The plating and presentation plus the creativity within traditional dishes is amazing. Lucky you! And of course a carajillo! With cognac! Nice! Hope you are well and enjoying spring!!

  8. Eha says:

    Thank you for the pre-Easter fun just after my three week fight-to-the-death with my server seems to be finishing !! Fantastic menu at the usual give-away prices as far as the rest of us are concerned . . . am absolutely fascinated by the artichoke soup: it sounds like almost ‘overkill’ but obviously earned its praise 😉 !

  9. MD, yet again you have done it again – not only did you and your friends have an incredible meal (and wine!) At this Restaurant but you also made many a mouth water by your description and beautiful photographs. JS in particular was intrigued by the fish – and all that for “only” E 30/- per head. Incredible. Is there such a place in London where one can get this value for GBP 30/-???? Btw, is this you with this cheerful yellow vest in the door? I will be back here again after Easter – computer fixed now😁. Happy and peaceful Easter to you wherever you may be😁

    • Mad Dog says:

      Hi Carina, I’m so glad you enjoyed the lunch. The man in the yellow vest is my friend Oli – he occasionally appears in my posts.
      There is a restaurant in London, at the very end of the King’s Road called the Mona Lisa. It’s not as grand as La Mar Salada, but it does do a very good 3 course menu for £9.95.
      Happy Easter! 🙂

  10. Conor Bofin says:

    I fancy the fish and chips.

  11. Michelle says:

    I’m sorry, but I couldn’t focus on anything after reading “cream of artichoke soup with bacon ice cream, foie shavings and a drizzle of duck broth.” 🙂

  12. Nadia says:

    That cream of artichoke soup looks amazing.

  13. Wow this all sounds fantastic, but he price is amazing!

  14. Oh you big tease! Looks amazing. We’re in Aranda de Duero and sat in the sunshine today drinking wine and “tapeando” until we could eat no more for about €25 for the two of us! Last week in London we bought three glasses of wine in a pub and it cost us £18…what a difference 😀

    • Mad Dog says:

      It’s nice to have some warmer sunshine than England. No doubt they are feeding you tapas of morcilla de Burgos. I can’t believe the London prices when I’m in Spain. I sat at the counter in Romesco for dinner last week and they asked what I wanted to drink. I replied, “Rosado,” and they plonked a half bottle in front of me. On the bill the wine came to €2.50! In Frank’s Bar the other night, I was given a huge plate of pan con tomate, a slab of manchego and mountain of shaved ham, with a glass of wine for about €5! In the French House a bottle of rosé costs £25 – I know where I’d rather be 😉

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  16. Karen says:

    You certainly can eat reasonably well at Salada, especially considering the restaurant’s well known chef. I can just imagine what the same meal would be in say a restaurant in France for example.

    • Mad Dog says:

      You certainly can, but it’s down to the fabulous Spanish institution of the menú del dia (borrowed from the French), where almost all restaurants offer an affordable 3 course lunch with a drink on weekdays. Most are around €11 and the best restaurants are a bit more expensive. There are Michelin starred restaurants who do this in the UK for about £35+, but the wine is extra and likely to cost £30 a bottle.

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