Cantoni del Poble 9

cantoni del poble 9

I woke up feeling remarkably good (it must have been the warm Catalan sunshine streaming through the window) and called Nookie to arrange lunch in Poblenou.

rambla de poblenou

We had nowhere specific in mind, so walked to the Rambla de Poblenou (a small and sedate version of the Rambla in Barcelona), which is full of little shops and affordable bars and restaurants (unlike it’s larger cousin).

The first place we looked at was Cantoni del Poble 9, somewhere I’d been to before with Adrian and Oli, about seven years ago. I remembered that their paella had been good and since they had fideuà on the menu today, it seemed like an easy choice.


We drank a vermut de la casa while perusing the menú del dia.

cantoni menú

If you look at the bottom of the menú, you will see that it’s a whopping €10 for three courses, including bread with wine, beer or a soft drink. If you sit outside on the terrace there’s a supplement of €0.60 – that certainly won’t break the bank.

fidegua de marisco

To start, I ordered the fidegua de marisco – a seafood fideuà, somewhat like the rice dish, arròs a banda, but cooked with short pasta (fideu). It contained clams, mussels, prawns and squid, with allioli on the side. I was pleased to find a socarrat in the fideuà – a crunchy bit from the bottom of the pan – both paella and fideuà should be allowed to cook without stirring and a crust forms on the base of the cooking dish. In fact, there’s a nice bit about cooking fideuà, where if you let it cook without messing with it, the pasta will stand up on end as if to show you it’s ready.

crema de calabacin

Nookie had crema de calabacin – a rich soup made with courgettes and cream – we think it was thickened with potato.

langostinos a la plancha

We both ordered the same for the main course, langostinos a la plancha con ajo y perejil, grilled shrimps with garlic and parsley, which were delicious. I was very pleased to see that the shrimp arrived with lemon scented hand wipes.

tarta de queso

For pudding we both had tarta de queso – cheesecake. I had intended to order tarta de zanahoriah (carrot tart, or probably cake), but they had run out. Never mind, the cheesecake was very good!

vi rosat

We drank a bottle of rosado with our lunch (included in the price)


…and I had a carajillo de cognac to finish.

Cantoni del Poble 9 is at: Rambla Poblenou 88, 08005, Barcelona.

The menú del dia costs €10 for 3 courses, including bread, beer, wine or a soft drink, which in my opinion is excellent value!

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18 Responses to Cantoni del Poble 9

  1. Eha says:

    Lunch in an hour: suddenly my planned sandwiches and coffee are not so appealing 🙂 ! One question – am used to using ‘prawns’ when talking to Brits and Aussies and switching to ‘shrimp’ in the Americas. Here you use one for the fideu and the other in the main course but I can see no difference in the photos . . . what am I missing in the plot ? But, oh the prices . . . incredible as usual . . . enjoy !!

  2. Wow if we could only get prices like that in the states for such excellent food!

    • Mad Dog says:

      I know! Obviously they make their money from additional drinks, but even then it’s still very cheap. At night time and the weekend they are no set meals and everything is à la carte.

  3. I love the way you eat, but I also love the way you drink. A bottle of wine doesn’t get in the way of a carajillo for dessert. What a lovely Spanish meal. I hope you’re doing well, MD.

  4. Michelle says:

    And who wouldn’t feel “remarkably good” with that warm Catalan sunshine and a lovely lunch awaiting?

  5. We’re very lucky, aren’t we, to be able to enjoy fantastic meals like this as such incredible prices. Back in England for a few days so need to be prepared to spend more!

    • Mad Dog says:

      Hi Tanya – yes indeed and enjoying it as insiders. Most visitors have no idea about the menú del dia and order plates of tapas, costing them a fortune!

  6. Elizabeth says:

    So lovely! Please, send some of that amazing sunshine to my house!

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