Can Punyetes

can punyetes

After our walk up to Sarria and visit to Mercat Galvany, we were hungry, so Silvia suggested lunch at Can Punyetes, just round the corner.

can punyetes logo

Can Punyetes is an old school Catalan taverna, with charcoal grill. It has beautiful art nouveau windows and an astonishing solid bar made of marble.  The restaurant logo (above) depicts a traditional Catalan wearing a barretina (cap), armilla (waistcoat) and faixa (wide belt). He drinks from a porró (porrón), a glass drinking vessel, originally from Cataluña, that became popular across Spain. It looks to me, like he might also be treading grapes.

can punyetes interior

They don’t offer a lunchtime Menú del Día in Can Punyetes,

can punyetes menu

but their à la carte menu is relatively inexpensive.


We shared a xató salad to start – this is a Catalan salad containing endive, bacalao, tuna, anchovies, olives (plus boiled eggs here) and what makes it really special is the xató sauce of ground almonds, hazelnuts, ñora peppers, bread, garlic, tomatoes, olive oil and sherry vinegar.

can punyetes counter

We both ordered our main courses from the brasa (charcoal grill) section of the menu. The grill is above right, behind the counter, so everything is cooked almost in front of you. These dishes come with patata al caliu (barbecued potatoes) or mongetes (white beans).


Silvia ordered xai amb patata al caliu – grilled lamb chops with potatoes. These were deliciously tender and smokey from the charcoal.

assortiment de botifarres

I looked at the menu and wanted botifarra, a traditional Catalan sausage, but couldn’t make my mind up about which type, until Silvia pointed out that they do an assortment de bottifarres, where you get all three – Catalan, Aragonesa (Aragonese) and negra (morcilla – blood sausage). It’s traditional to eat botifarra with mongetes (white beans AKA judias blancas). I can’t say which sausage was best, but I would definitely order the same again


with lots of allioli, which goes perfectly with both lamb and sausages.

pa amb tomàquet

We also had a plate of pa amb tomàquet, rustic bread, toasted on the grill, rubbed with garlic and tomato then drizzled with olive oil


and sprinkled with salt.

vi rosat

I drank the usual vi rosat with lunch, while Silvia had a Moritz, Catalan beer, brewed close to where I’m staying.


For pudding, Silvia had a crocanti ice cream – vanilla and chocolate with crunchy nuts on the outside.

mel i mató

I ordered mel i mató, a simple whey cheese, traditionally made from goat’s milk (but it can be made from cow’s milk), with honey on top. This was one of the best ones I’ve ever had!


…and of course, I finished my meal with a carajillo de cognac,

la cuenta

while perusing the bill. Note that the half carafe of rosado cost €2.80!

can punyetes restaurant

Can Punyetes was founded in 1981 by three friends interested in recreating the atmosphere and food of traditional Catalan taverns. They have since opened in several other locations, including Madrid. We had lunch in the original restaurant, where the food, decor, atmosphere and service were fantastic!

Can Punyetes is at: C/ Marià Cubí 189, 08021, Barcelona.

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9 Responses to Can Punyetes

  1. Eha says:

    Won’t even bother making comments about the exciting foods and their even more exciting price!! But oh boy am I learning about Catalan food 🙂 ! Love the art nouveau windows, AND: the xato salad . . . Mad: any chance of getting your version of the recipe . . . . that dressing sounds very special . . .

    • Mad Dog says:

      Thanks Eha – I will have to make some Xató sauce first! Oddly we were going to make some romesco the other day and then for some reason forgot – romesco has a lot of the same ingredients and is also mixed with a mortar and pestle. You might find it hard to find ñora peppers down under, but they are dried, so they can be bought online.

      • Eha says:

        *smile* hard to access ‘nora’: three on-line here . . . .but surely, Mad, one can make .’do’ > Love the rest of if !!!

  2. Ron says:

    Another fine review. You got me thinking about a half carafe of rose for €2.80. That’s about 28 sek, which wouldn’t even buy half a glass of wine here. Then I went back and looked at those grill sausages, what a treat. Thanks for sharing with us.

    • Mad Dog says:

      Thanks Ron – botifarra is a top sausage. I’d only get half a glass of wine for €2.80 in Britain too – it’s all down to taxation!

  3. Excellent meal, excellent prices!

  4. Michelle says:

    Wow! I want to go there right now!

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