On Tuesday I went to Ófis for lunch with Oli and Silvia. This is a cozy little restaurant with seating for about 30 people max, so I booked in advance by phone. According to Time Out, it is Argentinian/Italian cuisine and highly regarded. The restaurant is situated behind the FilmoTeca de Catalunya, just off the Rambla de Raval.

ófis menu

Ófis has a novel menú del día, as you can see, it looks somewhat like a postcard, with the price corresponding to a postage stamp. One chooses 2 items from the left (in any order), as starter and main course and then 1 from the right for pudding.  A beer, glass of wine or soft drink is included (as usual) for €11.90. Note the strong yellow lighting in here.

vi negre

They don’t do vi rosat, so I had a glass of vi negre (red wine), Oli had white with ice and Silvia had Vichy Catalan.

corn bread

While we waited for our food, they served us a basket of delicious, home made, corn bread.

crema de verdures

Silvia ordered Crema de Verdures i Crostons (cream of vegetable soup with croutons), as her main course.

bacallà amb puré de patates

Oli and I had the Bacallà amb Puré de Patates (fresh cod steak with potato purée) – this was quite a large piece of cod, cooked to perfection with a garlicky sauce to go with the creamy potatoes.

orecchiette amb salsa de formatge

Silvia’s second course was Orecchiette amb Salsa de Formatge i Bolets (Orecchiette with cheese and mushroom sauce) – she was on the vegetable options today.

vacio amb pebrots rostits

Again, Oli and I made the same choice – Vacio amb Pebrots Rostits (beef with roasted peppers). This was another hearty course. I’m not sure what the beef was, but I think it was most likely brinsa (or entraña in Spanish), a cut of veal, from the diaphragm muscle – it’s intensely flavoured and as part of a muscle, must be cooked fast on a hot grill or braised slowly (to stop it becoming tough). It’s not obvious from the photo, but this was a big chunk of meat, probably weighing about half a pound. The sauce (as per the cod) was perfectly savoury with the beef, which could be cut with a butter knife.

iogurt amb mel

For pudding we all chose differently. Silvia chose Iogurt amb Mel (yogurt with honey). Quite a popular dessert in Cataluña.


Oli ordered an Apple Crumble – English puddings are in vogue!

crep de xocolata

I had Crep de Xocolata (chocolate crêpe) …well I was born on pancake day!


Oli wanted to vape, so we took our coffee in the sun, just up the road in Plaça del Pedró.

The food in Ófis is exceptional, as is the service – lunch was an absolute bargain for €11.90 each!

Ófis is at: C/d’Espalter 4, 08001,  Barcelona.

It can be busy, so do book ahead – Tel: +34 933 29 68 32

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11 Responses to Ófis

  1. sybaritica says:

    I must say, I enjoy reading about your restaurant excursions very much.

  2. Eha says:

    *smile* Looking at your choices and portion sizes methinks you did not need to cook for a day! Actually I would have joined Silvia . . . have to smile again: inadvertently I am learning enough food language skills reading your menus to be able to make my choices without help once I manage to hit Barcelona and rest of Catalonia . . . I have to – could actually afford to eat ‘out’ in that neck of the woods . . .

  3. Exceptional indeed… Big Man would have definitely chosen the bacalao!!

    • Mad Dog says:

      Thanks Tanya – in Spain I often choose Bacalao, because there are so many ways to prepare it, whereas in England, it would normally come in batter with chips. It was a large cod steak too – bigger than an average slice of merluza!

  4. I think that one day I would like to meet your Oli and Sylvia. Sounds like, once again, you had a sublime lunch – I am envious and glad.. love love c

  5. jmcheney says:

    Keep on dining out, Mad! I love reading your reports while I sit here at my desk wondering what the heck to fix for supper.

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