Kangaroo Casserole

kangaroo casserole

As I left the Squirrel Barbecue, Oli thrust a bag of leftovers at me and said, “See what you can do with these.” I cycled off into the night and on arriving home, just remembered to put the bag in the fridge before falling into a very deep sleep.

On careful examination the next day, I discovered 3 kangaroo fillets, 3 large squirrel legs, 6 chicken heart kebabs and a couple of ostrich burgers. The ostrich burgers were a bit bland, so I reheated them for breakfast with a fried egg on top. The other ingredients looked perfect for a casserole.

Kangaroo Casserole recipe (serves 4):

3 pieces of kangaroo fillet (chopped)
3 pieces of squirrel (boned and chopped)
6 chicken heart kebabs (including santa tomatoes, mushrooms and onion)
3 slices smoked streaky bacon (chopped)
1 large onion (chopped)
6 pieces of garlic (finely chopped)
2 carrots (chopped)
2 sticks celery (chopped)
1 pint beef stock
a splash red wine vinegar
a dessertspoon of tomato purée
a large squeeze anchovy paste
a pinch of crushed chilli
2 bay leaves
1 heaped dessertspoons of plain flour
sea salt and cracked black pepper to taste
extra virgin olive oil for frying

barbecued kebabs

Start by frying the onion in olive oil until it goes translucent and sprinkle on a pinch of crushed chilli. Add the chopped streaky bacon and let it change colour. Stir in the carrot, celery and garlic – cook that for a few minutes before squirting in tomato purée and anchovy paste. Dust with flour and mix the ingredients together to form a roux, before pouring on the beef stock and a splash of red wine vinegar. Add the chopped meat and kebab ingredients plus bay leaves, then season with salt and pepper.

Put the lid on and increase the temperature until the casserole comes to a simmer. Have a good taste and adjust the seasoning, as you see fit. Put the lid back on and remove the dish to a pre heated oven at 150º C for two hours (stirring occasionally).


Kangaroo casserole turned out to be incredibly delicious – the taste and smell were absolutely amazing.  The tender, slightly beefy kangaroo and gamey squirrel (both smokey from the barbecue) came together like the very best venison equivalent imaginable.  It was all I could do to stop myself wolfing the whole lot down solo.

Serve with mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables. No doubt this goes best with an Australian red wine, such as Kilikanoon GSM (which is a good match for a barbecue).

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11 Responses to Kangaroo Casserole

  1. Michelle says:

    I don’t know how you’re going to top this series.

  2. Eha says:

    Oh Mad, you knew I would be roaring with laughter and clapping and wishing I was there to share 🙂 ! The Italian ‘holy trinity’, your anchovy paste, our kangaroo and all ‘the other’ !! Just, beautiful guy, kanga fillet is precious and does not need the long cook or the squirrel and should always be served rare 🙂 ! Leave the latter off and top the rest with gently grilled kanga strips at the end . . . actually Sunday lunch today . . . . and love Clare Valley wines usually but have to look up ‘Kilikanoon’ !! . . . . best !

  3. Ron says:

    Great recipe, makes me think of Kentucky Burgoo, but I’m sure your casserole is even better. The anchovy paste sounds to be a great addition as well.
    Mad, rattlesnake is good, I think you should play with some (after it is dead of course).

    • Mad Dog says:

      Thanks Ron – I found a rattlesnake in my garden once, but it was quite small (and the cat was after it), so I picked it up on the end of a spade and threw it in the long grass in the vacant lot next door.
      I saw some rattle snake in cans (along with amazing snake head bootlace ties) in a gas station in Kentucky some years ago. I stupidly thought I’d buy some on my way home and then couldn’t find the place!

  4. Honestly…where are you taking us next! Not sure I’ll be able to access much kangaroo Up the Mountain, but the recipe is great…but then again, we do have some pretty keen hunters round here. Who knows what they could track down!

  5. Karen says:

    Kangaroo, squirrel and chickens hearts, not your average casserole here in Florida. 😀 Waste not, want not…you put it all to good use.

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