La Musa Bistrot

la musa

On Wednesday we had lunch at La Musa, a bistro on a tiny street at the back of Calella Església (the Church of Santa Maria and Sant Nicolau).

vi blanc

We drank a few glasses of vi blanc ecològic (an organic white wine which comes unlabeled), while we debated what to eat from the €13.50 menú del día – 3 courses including wine or beer.

la musa menú

Nookie decided to have two starters, so Oli opted to have two main courses – all perfectly acceptable, when you have a choice of starter, main and pudding and you swap amongst yourselves.

amanida de magrana i mató

Nookie’s first choice was amanida de magrana i mató ( a salad with pomegranate and mató whey cheese).

risotto de bolets

Oli ordered risotto de bolets (mushroom risotto) as his main course starter

hummus de cigrons

and I had hummus. When I asked for additional bread, the owner rushed inside and returned with fresh bread straight from the oven!

trinxat i espàrrecs

At this point Nookie’s two starters plan went wrong and she changed her mind. In spite of being mucked around, our hostess kindly offered to make Nookie a trinxat i espàrrecs (trinxat with asparagus), containing no bacon or pork fat.

trinxat de la cerdanya

Oli and I both ordered the regular trinxat de la cerdanya (cooked in pig fat to keep the Inquisition at bay), which came with a thick and crunchy piece of bacon on top and delicious crispy slices of garlic. I could have eaten this twice, it was so good!

figues amb mató i mel

For pudding we all ate the same – figues amb mató i mel (tiny sliced figs with mel i mató).


…and no lunch is complete without a carajillo de congnac!

La Musa Bistrot is at: Carrer del Raval, 10, 08370 Calella, Barcelona.

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8 Responses to La Musa Bistrot

  1. Eha says:

    We better get used to Callela . . . ’cause I believe that is where a considerable amount of our Catalan food knowledge may come from 9n the future 🙂 ! Methinks Nookie and I would get along and, boringly?, order the same – oh, when Sydney was still my default ‘cuisine special’ I was kind
    of known for being difficult in ordering 3-4 first courses and then ;staying; until l I knew how I felt 🙂 !Perchance a little short of years as far as degustation menus went . . .

    • Mad Dog says:

      Thanks Eha – there’s definitely more Calella to come. I’m looking forward to switching on the Christmas lights tonight – they actually wait until December and not half way through October – there’s something reassuring in that!
      For Nookie, food is all about the texture…

  2. Ron says:

    MD, that was a very interesting article about the Tourist Rules. We also have the same, it’s called “dagens (daily)”, but I’ve never seen it include wine or beer. Also, for a meal such as you enjoyed it would likely be 18 euros. We have the common dagens, which is about half that. We love to go and just order appetizers, I guess that’s why we love a good tapas bar. Your Trinxat de la Cerdanya looks very tasty indeed.

    • Mad Dog says:

      Thanks Ron – astonishingly, tourists overlook the menú del día, because the price looks to good to be true. Instead they tend to order more expensive tapas, hamburgers, pizzas and beer!

  3. Lovely, lovely…All looks as amazing as ever!

  4. Michelle says:

    You do know how to live. 🙂

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