Banys La Gavina

banys la gavina

Last weekend some friends came to stay and on Saturday night (after another lunch at Domèstic) we went to watch the Catalan Creedence Clearwater Revival tribute band, Willy and the Poorboys. Someone spiked our drinks with alcohol, so on Sunday we stumbled down to the beach for restoration.

calella beach

We went to Banys La Gavina, a bar and restaurant on the beach, with a walled outdoor garden and sea view. We’d been here for drinks back in July and it’s a pleasant spot to watch the boats go by…


I had a few vermut de la casa, Oli was on white wine and Jonas was drinking beer. After a couple of drinks we got to feeling hungry and asked to look at the menu.

banys menú

Being Sunday, there’s no menú del día, so we were on a regular beach menu. There were a few standards that took our fancy…


We ordered 6 croquetas (which were excellent) and 3 had gone, in a flash, before  my camera could get to them.


The paella was very good,


but fideuá was the star. For those unfamiliar, fieuá is a paella like dish, where the rice is replace by short pasta (vermicelli), which when cooked correctly stands up straight in the paella (the metal dish that paella takes it’s name from).


By this time we were drinking Honeymoon wine with Oli and all our hangovers were cured!


As you can see, we weren’t taking any prisoners.


As per usual, I had a carajillo de cognac to finish my lunch.

la playa

As the afternoon wore on, we went inside for one last drink…


There was a lovely local family function taking place, which added a little sparkle to our day.

vi blanc

When Jonas and friends left, Oli and I went outside for the real final drink


and to watch the sun setting over Barcelona, 30 miles down the coast.

Banys La Gavina is at: Passeig Manel Puigvert | Lado Campo de Futbol, 08370 Calella, Barcelona.

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12 Responses to Banys La Gavina

  1. Eha says:

    I so love that Oli and you can always provide us with the total story . . . 🙂 ! Love it that you managed to add yourself to the ‘inviteds’ list at a family function 🙂 ! Don’t intend to spike your drink but might enjoy sending you a repost if I had not replaced your email address quite some time ago . . .

  2. Ron says:

    MD, I like you and Oli’s style. As a huge CCR fan, the concert by Willy and the Poorboys would have been great to have seen. We have Parés Baltà Honeymoon here in our government monopoly liquor store. I’ve not tried it, but now I must as I’m always looking for a good “day after” wine. FYI it’s !8 euro/bottle here. Likely half that in Spain. Thanks for a fun post.

    • Mad Dog says:

      Thanks Ron – I’m not a big fan of cover bands, but Willy and the Poorboys are very good. I think we paid half that price for Honeymoon in the bar here – it’s likely to be even less in the shops. Nevertheless, it’s an excellent wine!

  3. Conor Bofin says:

    I am amazed to read that you are a CCR fan. You couldn’t be old enough to remember them first time around (as I am). That looks like a pretty decent and long lunch.

    • Mad Dog says:

      Ha ha – I started young and had a Saturday job in a record shop when I was 14. I had a huge vinyl collection before punk and new wave happened.
      I just walked up the coast to the next town (Pineda del Mar) – it’s pretty much joined to Calella. It’s amazing how the seaside tourist bars, all revert to local bars in the winter. Good for them too!

  4. Sounds like a perfect Sunday lunch to me…sorry I’m late, we had visitors from Spain so just catching up!

  5. Michelle says:

    “Someone spiked our drinks with alcohol.” Ha, ha. But looks like you found the perfect hangover cure!

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