El Hogar Gallego

carrer de les ànimes

On Thursday we went to El Hogar Gallego for lunch. Calella is only about 5 streets deep, as you walk up from the beach towards the mountains – El Hogar is on Carrer de les Ánimes to the left.

el hogar gallego

El Hogar is a smart Galician restaurant, a tell tale sign being the high prices on la carta (menu)

el hogar carpark

and the palatial car park opposite!

el hogar bar

A beautiful wooden bar runs down the right hand side of the restaurant, with silver service dining at the rear.


For those of us lunching from the low price menú del día there’s a seating area to the left of the bar, alongside the crustaceans, who were very good company.

menú del día

You will see from the remarkably cheap menú del día above, that one gets 4 courses here (at lunchtime) for €10.90.

vi moraleda

Wine is extra, but this bottle of house Moraleda rosat was very good for €9.90.


We both ordered the delicious savoury consomé (spelled with one m in Catalan).

ous fregits amb patates

Oli ordered ous fregits amb patates (egg and chips) as his second course. I’m reminded of a time, when my Valencian flatmate (1991), cooked up a plate of egg and chips for lunch. He told me that it was a typically Spanish dish and asked what we had like it in England?

macarrons amb pollastre

I had macarrons amb pollastre (macaroni with a chicken sauce).


Galician food is quite hearty – even the bread comes thick and rustic.

arròs negro

We both ordered the excellent arròs negro as our main course. This unctuous dish is like a seafood paella, made with Valencian rice and blackened by squid or cuttlefish ink. This one definitely contained squid and octopus. We ordered a little allioli on the side. Just before this arrived, I noticed that our impeccable waiter served the food from it’s dish with spoons, in the traditional silver service manner, albeit at a side table and not quite in front of us.

flam de café

For pudding, Oli ordered flam de café (coffee flan),

tarta de pistacho y fresa

while I had tarta de pistacho y fresa (a strawberry and pistachio cake with cream) – tarta can mean tart or cake in Spanish. This one blew me away with it’s incredible fresh strawberry flavour. The top (other side) was studded with crushed pistachios.


The restaurant has several sections. Towards the end of the long wooden bar, there’s an area dedicated to jamón – you will notice at least 14 hanging in the background.

fish fridge and bar

Beyond the jamón, is the fish fridge (left)


and finally next to the fine dining area, there are beautiful plates of crab and other fish.

el hogar nadal

I failed to notice the car park Christmas decorations during the daytime, but Oli alerted me to them the next day (after visiting the post office round the corner), so I grabbed my camera and returned to take a picture!

For a delicious lunch, in a beautiful establishment with first class waiters, El Hogar Gallego is a must visit restaurant in Calella. Our bill came to a modest €37.29 for 2 people. The New Year’s Eve menu is quite tempting – at €175 it sounds expensive, until you take into account that it includes a free bar and is open until 5am!

El Hogar Gallego is at: Carrer de les Ànimes, 73, 08370 Calella, Barcelona.

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7 Responses to El Hogar Gallego

  1. Eha says:

    Dear Mad – reading this on a will-be another stormy Saturday afternoon here, forgive a certain amount of levity . . . am glad you are still amongst the Catalan, and with Oli, and do hope you will be so for Yule and New Year . . .best to both of you ! Yep: your prices are getting higher, but today’s menu is enviable. . . . . just so funny you had to be seated in a designated area to have sensible prices . . . 🙂 ! Your main course I would have loved to have shared . . . ‘egg and chips’: well, lets begin with the fact I o not eat chips . . . and just take the 5th Amendment . . . 🙂 !

    • Mad Dog says:

      Thanks Eha – there has been some discussion about going back just to order La nostra sopa de peix (our fish soup) at €11.50. We know the soup will be excellent and they’ll have to put us in the fine dining section. To be honest though, I have no complaints about sitting at the front, for such a good lunch!

  2. Eha says:

    I would not give a ‘damn’ 🙂 ! best Eha

  3. What a great looking place, excellent value!

  4. Ron says:

    Mad thanks for taking us along for a wonderful Calella lunch. It all looked and I’m sure tasted wonderful. You taught me something today. I’ve been eating “ous fregits amb patates” for years and didn’t know it was called that or that it was a Spanish dish. I first had it in China at a Swiss hotel in Beijing and have been making it at home since. Thanks for snapping the evening image as it was festive.

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