El Rellotge

el rellotge

On Saturday we walked south from Calella, to Sant Pol de Mar, where we had a fantastic lunch at El Rellotge.

playa la platjola

It was a leisurely 30 minute walk, past Calella lighthouse and round the coast (above right). El Rellotge is situated middle right in the picture.

el rellotge interior

This is a tiny unpretentious bar by the sea, run by Lluís with his wife and daughters.


Aside from the blackboard, there isn’t a sign outside with the name – the thing that matters most here is the food! You will see from the menú, that Lluís sells tapes, paelles, fideuà and vermut (plus other drinks).


There were four of us, so we ordered lots of tapas. Berberechos (cockles), were the first to arrive. These are Nookie’s favourite and were ordered twice!

salsa espinaler

We sprinkled the berberechos with a particularly good local sauce, Salsa Espinaler – it’s made of wine vinegar, pimentón, black pepper and spices.

cresta rosa

We drank Cresta Rosa – a slightly fizzy (from a natural second fermentation) rosado wine, from nearby Empordà.

it’s frothy man

The cold rosado was quite refreshing in the hot sun.

alcachofas y garbanzos

Next to arrive were alcachofas y garbanzos – artichoke hearts and chickpeas with garlic.


They say you can judge a bar by the quality of it’s croquetas – the homemade ones, like these above (made with bacalao), are outstanding.


I ordered a plate of pulpitos, which I love – they came in a rich and savoury sauce

vi blanc

At this point Oli switched wine to blanc – it came with a number, the bottlers name and address, without wine name or grape. No complaints here, it was an excellent dry white.


The above plate of sepia was cooked with peas and a garlicky sauce – I’m quite sure it was the most tender cuttlefish I’ve ever eaten.


The albóndigas were fabulous and I was surprised to discover they were made with chicken.


We enjoyed a plate of boquerones – fresh anchovies marinated overnight in wine vinegar and served in olive oil.

patatas bravas

Dorian ordered patatas bravas – fried potato pieces, usually served with a shop bought, spicy red sauce. Here the potatoes had been perfectly fried until they became puffy

salsa brava

and the salsa brava was home made (it was quite special too)!


Having been completely sated, over the course of about 3 hours, we bade farewell to our affable host Lluís and family

sant pol de mar

…before walking round to Sant Pol de Mar station, which is practically on the beach.

Our meal, with copious bottles of wine, came to about €102 for 4 people.

El Rellotge is at the far end of Avinguda Doctor Furest, as you walk round the edge of the sea, from Sant Pol de Mar.

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10 Responses to El Rellotge

  1. Eha says:

    Quite a surprise just after finishing another boring market survey – not the usual day to see one of yours drop in! Basically seafood tapas with ‘copies bottles of wine’ – match made in heaven ! Love octopus especially and would have liked the cockles and the anchovies. Lovely waterfront where to spend 3-4 hours and not such a big dent to the wallet since we are talking of seafood and ‘copious’ number of bottles emptied . . . at a non-tourist time at what sounds like a pretty non- tourist bar . . .

  2. Perfect, perfect, perfect! I know that sparkling wine and love berberechos too 😀

  3. Ron says:

    Wow, and that’s an understatement. What a wonderful meal with a wonderful view. I would be devouring the octopus and cuddle fish dishes, then I’d tuck into the rest. Mad Dog, thanks for including Lighthouse of Calella link. I have an obsession with lighthouses and enjoyed the read. A very enjoyable post indeed.

  4. Mad Dog says:

    Thanks Ron – it’s quite a pretty lighthouse and still working!

  5. Karen says:

    A restaurant without a sign and delicious food and drink…sounds like a real winner.

  6. Michelle says:

    Oh my goodness, that all looks delicious. And the view!

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