Restaurante Marisqueria Pepet


On Tuesday we had to pick up a parcel from the neighbouring town of Pineda de Mar. Like most of the towns in Maresme, Pineda is joined to Calella – the conurbation from Barcelona up the Mediterranean coast towards France goes on for miles. Most towns are half a dozen or so streets deep, between the sea and the mountains. We thought we’d profit from the excursion by having lunch somewhere different.


Restaurante Marisqueria Pepet is a stylish fish restaurant, which is celebrating it’s 30th anniversary this year.

I took one look at the prepared fish

along with the fresh fish and meat fridges and knew we’d eat well here.

pepet menú del día

There were quite a few things I fancied on the menú del día, which was reasonably priced at €15, for 4 courses including wine.

vi rosat

We ordered the house vi rosat, which came in a carafe, but was nonetheless, a very drinkable wine.

llonganissa i olivas

First of all came little plates of llonganissa i olivas (a cured Catalan sausage [also known as salchichón in Spanish] with olives)

braves amb all-i-oli

and braves amb all-i-oli (boiled potatoes with a garlic and olive oil emulsion). These are unusual, as patatas bravas are normally fried and served with a picante sauce.

pa rústic

The bread is worth a mention here – it’s a lovely pa rústic with a good crust.

còctel de gambes

Oli ordered a còctel de gambes (a superior prawn cocktail, complete with endive bunny ears).

combinat de navalles i zamburinyes

I had the combinat de navalles i zamburinyes planxa (deliciously sweet baby scallops and razor clams, cooked on a griddle).

combinat de peix planxa

Oli’s main course was the combinat de peix planxa (combined fish [hake and sole] cooked on a griddle and served with potato and tomato).

plat mariachi

Mine was the plat mariachi – pop brasa, xoriço i morcilla (a beautifully tender octopus tentacle, on deep fried potato sticks with a chorizo and morcilla).

assortit d’fruita

We both ordered the same pudding, assortit d’fruita natural, taronja, meló i pinya (assorted natural fruit – apple, melon and pineapple). Our waiter had us sold on the dish, when he mentioned that it came with spiced rum!


Naturally, I had a carajillo at the end …to give me the energy to walk home.

la factura

Our bill came to €36 including coffee – I can definitely envisage coming back here!

Restaurante Marisqueria Pepet is at: Av. Montserrat, 43, 08397 Pineda de Mar

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10 Responses to Restaurante Marisqueria Pepet

  1. Eha says:

    Oh, absolutely no problem food- or pricewise for me . Have always judged a restaurant by its first courses . . . that prawn cocktail is considerably more moreish than most I have seen and you didn’t need a sales pitch for me to order scallops and razor clams not always available here . . . wish I had been sitting on your shoulder again . . . . .

  2. Ron says:

    Pineda de Mar looks like a lovely area. I was especially drawn to the Montnegre Park as it has that wonderful mountain to sea appeal I so enjoy. As for the restaurant, it’s perfect for me. I was hooked the minute I saw that lovely looking octopus. Thanks for taking us along.

  3. Conor Bofin says:

    Outrageous value. I paid almost that for two sandwiches and coffee in a mid market cafe in Dublin today. Looks amazing.

  4. Razor clams, a huge favourite!

  5. Karen says:

    I think if my husband and I had been at the restaurant, we would have ordered exactly the same way.

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