Restaurante Romesco

We say goodbye…

The Romesco Family closes its doors permanently.

It has been many years sharing good moments with our clients and that is why it doesn’t hurt so much to hang up our aprons to say goodbye.

We are very sorry that due to these circumstances we cannot say goodbye as we should… That is why we leave you our contact here so that if you wish, you can write to us and say goodbye as we all deserve, nothing would make us more excited.

Thanks a lot,

Felipe, Jose, Delfín and Mario.

I’m very sad to discover that one of my favourite restaurants in Barcelona has disappeared relative to Covid. Romesco had no tables outside and therefore no custom through the pandemic.

I have been eating at Romesco for 30 years – the food has always been excellent and incredibly cheap. The staff hardly changed over time and there was always service with a smile and a great sense of humour.

Ironically, in normal times, Romesco was almost always full! When very busy, they would squeeze you in to eat at the bar, everyone moved up a little and chatted to you as the food was prepared. If someone else arrived, you squeezed up a little bit more!

I will miss Romesco very much – it was a Barcelona institution!

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