Parlament – Cuina de Barri

parlament cuina de barri

On Sunday I had lunch with Debbie in Carrer del Parlament, which has become a trendy foodie spot where locals go to eat. The street is close to Sant Antoni Market and recent blockages to combat pollution, along with Covid legislation, allowing more tables in the street, has been good for business. We met at Bodega Vinito for a quick vermut before surveying all the menus on the street. Sunday isn’t a cheap eats day, so we were looking for food we both fancied eating. The Catalan word parlament means exactly the same as the English parliament, coming into the English language from the Latin parlamentum via the French parlement and the Norman Conquest. The French word parler (to speak) is also related and in Catalan it’s parlar – some of these Latin similarities can be quite useful!

parlament interior

We settled on Parlament – Cuina de Barri (neighbourhood kitchen) – evidently named after the street. The food people were eating looked good relative to the menú and we got a seat within about 5 minutes. Carrer del Parlament can be busy, so it’s worth getting here before the official 2pm lunchtime, at the weekend.

vermut de la casa

We ordered another vermut while we studied the menú.

parlament menú

Everything is laid out on a single page, with some amusing (to me) headings (expressions) in places – echarle huevos a la vida (throw eggs at life – put your back into it, or make haste) and para abrir boca (to open your mouth – to start off).


To open our mouths (though from the me tienen frito section – they have me fried), we ordered croquetas – the two on the left are rabo de toro (oxtail) and on the right there’s a jamón ibérico (Iberian ham) and a setas (mushroom).

croqueta de jamón ibérico

All the croquetas were excellent, especially the jamón above – note the beautifully crispy outside and creamy interior with pieces of ham.

foie micuit con mermelada de tomate

Next came Foie Micuit con Mermelada de Tomate – semi cooked foie gras with a tomato marmalade, sprinkled with chopped pistachios and crusty bread. The foie was excellent and on a par with what I normally buy at Avinova in the Boqueria.

vi rosat

We ordered a bottle of vi rosat – a pale pink Catalan wine from Segura Viudas who also produce cava.

patatas bravas del parlament

The wine and foie arrived at the same time as Patatas Bravas del Parlament – Patatas Bravas are probably the most common tapa in Spain. They are chunks of deep fried potato with a hot red sauce – Salsa Brava. Somewhere over the last 30 years allioli and even mayonnaise have sneaked into Patatas Bravas, as you can see above. Regardless, the potatoes were nice and crispy and the hot sauce was súper fuerte – perfect!

tartar de tonyina amb ou de guatlla

Our Tartar de Atún con Huevo de Codorniz (tuna tartar with a quail’s egg) from the lo tienes crudo (you got it raw) section, arrived on a circle of chopped aguacate (avocado). This was simple but stunning and probably (croquetas aside) my favourite dish!

1/2 taula de formatges

We looked at the puddings on offer and Debbie said, “Do you fancy some cheese?” Cheese is normally served at the beginning of a meal in Spain, alongside jamón, but it seemed like a good idea, so we ordered a medio tabla de queso (half a cheese board), which was a decent size! Bottom right there’s a Manchego and the soft cheese above it was a Camembert (which is popular in Catalunya) like cheese – I have no idea what the others were, but they tasted good! The cheeses were served with dried fruits and drizzled with olive oil (as is the custom).

vi negre

With the cheese, we of course, needed a vi negre (red wine), so we ordered a glass each of a local tinto. I don’t remember what it was, but it worked well with the cheese.

la cuenta

Sated, we got the bill, which wasn’t cheap, but when you consider what we had (and it was all very good quality) it was quite reasonable. I notice now, that two vermuts are on the bill, but there was no charge, so it must have been included with something …there was a vermut section at the top of the menu…


We wanted to go to a grubby bodega round the corner for a carajillo (spotted earlier), but sadly it was all closed up. We could have walked around in circles for an hour or so on a Sunday, looking for a suitable spot, so instead I suggested the Victoria, which is on the way back to Debbie’s casa and they always look after us. Today was no exception, we were welcomed with open arms. I promised to come and eat there soon – I’ve been checking the menu every couple of days or so – they do fantastic traditional stews and a mean fideuà.

Parlament – Cuina de Barri is at: Carrer del Parlament, 26, 08015 Barcelona.

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4 Responses to Parlament – Cuina de Barri

  1. Ron says:

    A fine Sunday lunch indeed MD. I’d go for all served, but if it was to be two choices, it would be the tuna tartar with a quail’s egg and potatoes.
    I always chuckle to myself when I see your bill, as you and Debbie’s meal would likely cost near that for one person here. It’s really expensive to eat out in the evenings or on weekends in Sweden.

  2. Karen says:

    The croquetas look like the ones that we had in Barcelona, so nice and crispy on the outside and so creamy on the inside.

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