Fashion Photography

All photographs 漏 Mad Dog TV Dinners 2023 – do not use them without permission!

5 Responses to Fashion Photography

  1. elyann14 says:

    These are beautiful shots!! I love looking at fashion photography and I love food… and here I have found both! =D Fantastic and congratulations on your beautiful photographs!

  2. Raden says:

    woow very inspiring, I liked it, thank you for sharing the information about photography and food, I wait for the next article

  3. Hi, MD – first of all, please do you have an email address for me I can write to?
    Secondly – our eldest daughter works as a fashion designer here in India and I have passed your blog-id on to her – she is always on the look out of good sites which come across my own computer (I too ‘worked’ in that field for many years when I was that much younger 馃檪 馃檪 – in front of the cameras! Carina

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