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Arroz de Faisán y Conejo (Pheasant and Rabbit Rice)

Many people think that Paella (pie-eh-ya) is the Spanish national dish (along with slightly lesser known, Arroz a Banda and Arroz Negro), however, they would be mistaken, because these rice dishes all hail from the province of Valencia. The Moors … Continue reading

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Veal Penis Stew

November 27th, 2012 Back in April I bought some veal from Menuts Rosa in the Boqueria (Barcelona). Next to me was a woman buying nervis (veal penis) and I was intrigued enough to ask what one does with it. At the … Continue reading

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Sopa de Ajo

September 22nd 2011 Spain is one of the largest garlic producing nations in the world, so it’s not surprising that the Spanish make a simple, yet hot and very tasty, garlic soup (sopa de ajo). Sopa de Ajo recipe: 1 … Continue reading

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